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Hi everyone! I was intrigued with how the Stunts crack worked and made my own version for personal use. However, I thought that someone in the community might find an use for it so I decided to release it (even if there already plenty of cracks for this game). This is a drop-in replacement for the official STUNTS.COM launcher, it incorporates part of the assembly from the official launcher (which it merely loads the content of SETUP.DAT and executes LOAD.EXE with the proper parameters) and the bypass of ST4DLDR.COM.

This currently works for Stunts 1.1 only (no 1.0 or 4D sports driving) but if you are interested it shouldn't be too hard to make it compatible with the other versions supported by ST4DLDR, thus making it an universal launcher.

I am attaching both the NASM source file and the executable. It was tested in both DOSBox and dosbox-staging (in VGA and Tandy mode) and so far I had no issues.

Amazing that one of my childhood games is still alive after all these years (:

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You cannot view this attachment.