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Chat - Misc / Re: World Mouseclicking Competition!
February 10, 2011, 05:55:30 PM
62 by actually clicking with the mouse.
252 by holding the enter button.
Thanks a lot ;D
I've attached the new track if anyone would like to donwload it.
I'd also like to have another qustion answered please; what's the difference between fast/slow video management? I see no difference between them.
Today I tried making a Stunts track with the program TrackBlaster Pro, since it's supposed to allow roads on water, for example. However, when I select the track in the track menu Stunts gives me a warning about "Limited track pieces allowed on water". Any suggestions/things I might have missed?
The track is attached below.
I spent 10 minutes making a control sheet (see attachment). I also have a question about the sound: will the game have realistic engine sound FX, like in normal racing games? All other games I've seen either have no sound (only music), or really crappy sound (NFS ProStreet :C).
As a Stunts fan, I'd love to see this. I have a few ideas for it:
Improved graphics: Since you'll be writing it from scratch, why not add some more detail? I'd rather see a successor to Stunts than a remake. Examples are textures (of course), real transparency and maybe soft-body physics like this.
Two track editors: I also want a more sofisticated track editor, with more levels, and terrain editor. However, since people also wanted a simpler editor, why not have two of them?
Gameplay: One of the ideas in the topic was easier gameplay. I'd say yes, to an extent. Keep all the realism from the PC game, but add more speed tolerance; 40 mph should be ok. Easier handling shouldn't be needed as long as you don't want to use auto-throttle, wich is an absolute no-no.
Single/multiplayer: A multiplayer funtion via bluetooth would be great. However, the game should also have a singleplayer funtion, since you cannot always play against other people.
Car names: Regarding names of cars, I think you should keep the old one. I doubt Ferrari or Porsche ever will find about this game, and even if they do, I doubt even Ferrari would care the slightest. At least as long as you keep the game free of charge ;)