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HOWTO: Disable security system

Started by zaqrack, January 28, 2005, 12:52:01 PM

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Start the game with the executable stunts_k.exe

then you don't hae to type anything - just press enter when it asks for the code, and play.


hmm, very exhaustive explanation  :P I'll better write the security codes for those who prefer to play without cracks:

                    For Stunts, version 1.1 (2/12/91)

Page Line Word Question
1    12   2    ...and *destructive* stunts that can smash your car...
3    2    1    *track* selection screen.  Your goal is to be on it.
3    13   4    In addition, *previewing* might give you a better...
4    4    4    ...time than missing *three* pieces of regular...
4    8    1    *proper* direction.  If you get on the track...
5    12   3    hit the *cables* and crash...
6    3    7    while you are driving through the *loop*...
6    5    8    ...more than *110* MPH
7    2    1    *displaying* the current car, an acceleration curve...
7    5    7    ...retail price), and a set of *buttons*.
8    5    7    Just your everyday type of vehicle.  *You*...
9    3    9    Interrupted while driving with a *query*
10   3    5    ...your driving performance.  This *button* is...
10   6    1    *camera* mode while in this viewing mode.
11   2    1    *directory*.  Highlight the desired replay...
12   2    1    *around*, you can choose to race any one at a time.
13   4    11   ...bird's eye view of the *currently*...
14   6    1    *selected* piece is the area upon which it...

Send corrections and/or additions to


I'd just like to add a new line to these security system questions, and ask for its answer.
I decided to put it here, in case any of you know it.

V?ctor H. S.

Page: 2
Line: 8
Word: 1

" *????* on the standard track by clicking on the car... "



Thanks, Mingva! ;)

PS: I accidentaly guessed the numer of "?" on the word. :lol:


As all of you probably know, the codes for the Mindscape version are different, and there are a lot more of them. Since I also prefer to play without cracks, to keep the "original feeling", I've created a list of codes several years ago.

Anyone interested feel free to download it from my server (PDF) and use it as you wish. I also have a variant with German headlines available.



Thanks PIGSgrame, and welcome to the Stunts community.


Quote from: Mingva on January 17, 2006, 07:12:31 PM
*race*? I never had such a message  :o
Wrong. The correct answer for 2/8/1 is immediately.

All answers for Stunts 1.0/1.1 are listed in this PDF file on my server. One answer (2/5/8 - conventions) is missing in Mingva's list above, by the way.


Funny, I'm playing Stunts for ~20 years, but never tried the codes...


Quote from: Who's onlineGuest   13:54:31   Viewing the topic HOWTO: Disable security system.
Guest   13:54:29   Viewing the topic HOWTO: Disable security system.
Guest   13:54:27   Viewing the topic HOWTO: Disable security system.

Everybody wants to know how to disable security system.


Stunts_k has a crappy music so it scares all the shit in me;

Can someone make it without music?

I removed the music, and now i can't play the game. IT DESTROYED MY GAME.... YO_OY


Quote from: Vector on March 04, 2015, 05:42:11 PM
I removed the music, and now i can't play the game. IT DESTROYED MY GAME.... YO_OY

What???  :o :o :o
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This PC Speaker sounds so weird.

PS: No worry. Now i re-downloaded the game and i see what happen when you press CTRL+M.


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