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Started by zaqrack, December 18, 2005, 08:49:04 PM

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My phone number has changed, from now its +36304591896

everything else remains the same :)


Pfffffffffffffffffffffff, Westel...  :smt078


ok I'll explain why.

I lost my phone and SIM card, and decided to buy a new phone and move to monthly subscription from prepaid.
I was a vodafone user in the past 5!!! years and had no problems. I went to one of their shops, chose a nice phone for 10000HUF, and we did the proceedings, the usual questions etc.
Then they shipped my data to the centre. And in 10 minutes the answer was there: I'm not allowed to have a subscription unless I pay them 80000HUF in advance.
I found this disgusting. I'm their customer since 5 years and they dont trust me enough to get a subscription with a 2 years bond just because I'm not the one who gets the salary in the family.

I went out from the shop, wrote them a cpmplaint letter explaining why I'll leave their company at once.
The next day we went to a T-mobile shop, and since my father is a golden-card holder or what the hell I was able to get a new phone (Nokia 6030 without useless and annoying camera and such) and a cheap subsccription with many extra features for 500 HUF and nice monthly prices.
Of course they are neither angels, just another mammoth company, but they are much more polite with thier customers than vodafone.


Btw, CTG, have you heard that your favourite mobile phone firm will sponsor McLaren instead of Ferrari from 2007, and the name of the team will be VODAFONE-MCLAREN? :D
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August is just a terrible date for me :(

I will just vote for the last weekend as this is least augustish  :twisted:



Quote from: "CTG"Pfffffffffffffffffffffff, Westel.

This is exactly what I dreamt of last night!


"Why can't we not be sober?"