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Stunts - freeware or not?

Started by bhtooefr, December 28, 2005, 06:42:46 PM

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I've done a search here, and all I've found is that someone made a phone call, and was told "you can't get the source code, but you can give the game itself away."

The only other places I've seen references to Stunts being freeware are on, and on Wikipedia.

So, is there anything official on paper?

(Let me make something clear - I really DON'T CARE whether it's freeware or not. This is truly abandoned software. I'm just curious, because if it's not freeware, then the Wikipedia article is wrong...)
The Mad Scientist: Experimenting with modding cars in Stunts!
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it is freewrae confirmed by Broderbund, but also the source code is lost, and so unavailable, confirmed by Kevin Pickell, lead programmer.

Conclusion: Hack as much you can and like. :)


OK, good, it IS confirmed freeware? Nice!

(And, yes, I was going to hack Stunts a bunch ;))
The Mad Scientist: Experimenting with modding cars in Stunts!
Real-world car: 1985 VW Jetta | 1.6L NA diesel | 5 speed


Hi bhtooefr,

KHR phoned the companies some years ago and they told us, that Stunts is free now. They did not want to publish the code (as Zak already wrote, it seems to be lost now).

Of course (which company would do this) no one gave us something written     :) , we simply trust the words.


Btw: I am first author of the Wikipedia article, that's why the freeware part is in there  :-)

al il professore

your article is signed. i knew it was you :)

I want to put my own gif on the opponent lose win page. it could be fun. for myself only.

it's amazing what people can do to mod games. I play a lot of red baron 3d full canvas jacket. it changes a 1998 game into a 2005 game of the year nominee.

unfortunatly, its just one man needed and we aint got that man for stunts. yet.

but stunts vs today games it's marcel marceau vs michael jackson, george foreman vs muhammad ali, argammon vs alain, charlie chaplin vs ronald mac donald, stanley kubrick vs quentin tarentino, linux vs windows, sega master system vs nintendo nes, bernard hinault vs lance armstrong, siegfried and roy vs harry potter and the golden dick,  alien vs predator (2004), zidane vs ronaldinho, freddy vs jason (2003), the cassette vs IPOD, lex luthor vs superman, gif vs jpeg, Recording Industry vs The People, Xbox 360 vs PS3, the vatican vs the condom, internet explorer vs firefox, water vs coca cola, Kasparov vs. Deep Blue, blanka vs ryu, copyright vs copyleft, amd vs intel, ned flanders vs homer simpson, Wikipedia vs. Britannica, Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears, E-Commerce vs. Ecology, colonel Dekker vs the A TEAM, napoleon vs wellington...
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Quote from: al il professore on December 30, 2005, 12:32:22 AM
I want to put my own gif on the opponent lose win page. it could be fun. for myself only.

I did it (and many other egomaniac stuff in my private hacked Stunts version ;D).


Hi all,

After email contact with JTK earlier this week about the legal status of Stunts, he pointed me to this forum and thread. I was wondering if somebody possibly has an update on the legal status of Stunts or even better written permission from the owners?

PS: Sorry for bumping this thread.


As far as I'm aware of, the situation has not changed in the intervening ten years -- there is just the unwritten waiver mentioned above by JTK and absolutely zero Stunts-related activity by EA (who many years ago acquired DSI -- which is now known as EA Canada).


Hmz, I guess it will stay like that till the end of times... So sad to see developers seem to forget and abandon their games after a couple of years while there are still active communities with players enjoying and enhancing the game. Stunts is a good example but I've seen it at some other games too. Anyway, it's clear to me there's no commercial interest from EA anymore, plus KHR's phone call gave me reason enough to add it to my website.

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