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Formula One in 2006

Started by CTG, December 31, 2005, 03:36:52 AM

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Quote from: Krys TOFF on October 23, 2006, 10:41:43 AM
Massa won at Interlagos, 13 years after Senna a Brasilian win at home race. Who will rememeber it ? Only Brazilians.

Alonso won his 2nd Wold Champion title in a row. Who will remember it ? Only Spanish.

Renault won Constructor championship. Who will remember it ? Only French.

Schumi made a fabulous race showing everybody that he can leave the Formula 1 when racing at his very best. Who will remember it ? Everybody !!!
I don't like to much the man, but how good pilot he remains. A clean race (not like some he did in the past years), marvelous one. Without his tyre problem, he would have won easily. Respect.

You said it all right Krys, Michael Schumacher is the greatest driver. I was so sad that the race was over so quickly, he made a fantastic chase!

In honour of Michael Schumacher I organised a carting race here in Zagreb with my friends and friend's friends. We will drive the qualification laps for time, and then the real race. I hope on thursday if the weather is fine (althoough I'd like to drive in rain :)

We'll have a camera man maybe, so I'll let you know what happened :)



Of course we expect YOU to win that race! Please post results and photos then.
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1. L. Badoer olasz Ferrari 88 1:16.317
2. H. Kovalainen finn Renault 119 1:16.609
3. R. Kubica lengyel BMW-Sauber 65 1:16.729
4. L. Hamilton brit McLaren 87 1:17.077
5. R. Barrichello brazil Honda 115 1:17.190
6. M. Gen? spanyol Ferrari 83 1:17.340
7. R. Schumacher n?met Toyota 92 1:17.359
8. N. Piquet brazil Renault 95 1:17.428
9. T. Glock n?met BMW-Sauber 100 1:17.632
10. C. Klien osztr?k Honda 105 1:17.774
11. D. Coulthard brit Red Bull 83 1:17.876
12. J. Trulli olasz Toyota 72 1:18.019
13. A. Davidson brit Super Aguri 111 1:18.045
14. N. Karthikeyan indiai Williams 78 1:18.087
15. S. Speed amerikai Toro Rosso 95 1:18.528
16. M.Ammerm?ller n?met Red Bull 71 1:18.741
17. V. Liuzzi olasz Toro Rosso 99 1:18.798
18. M. H?kkinen finn McLaren 79 1:19.340

The real skills of the finnish peasant... ;D


Quote from: CTG on November 30, 2006, 08:44:51 PM

18. M. H?kkinen finn McLaren 79 1:19.340

The real skills of the finnish peasant... ;D

Just a consulting... but anyhow a lame consulting, hehehe  ;D
n?o me sinto inspirado para escrever nada de impacto, para que todos digam: "Puxa! Que demais!  :)



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