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Concept idea and W.I.P.

Started by Krys TOFF, September 05, 2006, 03:54:02 PM

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Some infos about this new project that I shortly told about in "5th IMSA Cup" topic started by CTG.

It will be a very different kind of Stunts competition, without scoreboard and competitions between pipsqueaks. Each pipsqueak will race HIS OWN competition. All the idea is a story of a pipsqueak, starting from local GT competitions, to (if you're good enough) Formula 1.

Your results and your choices will guide your own career. Be fast, race hard, choose your competitions wisely, and you may become Formula 1 champion.

Therefore, every driver will have his own personal and private page on the website, with his story evolution according to his results and his career choices.
Due to this particular career system, there will be NO DEADLINE for any track. Every pipsqueak will be able to complete a career in one year, or in one month : it will be your choice, according to your free time.

Each race will have reference times considered as bronze, silver and gold medals. No medal, no career evolution. Don't worry JTK : bronze medals will be adapted to allow all Stunts pipsqueaks to progress without too much problems, even the slower ones. But some part of the story (therefore some of the competitions) won't be reachable with only bronze medals.

All the story will be decided according to a "decision tree", like the one there is at Wing commander games for example (for old timers like me, it will mean something at least).

Except some special events like WRC races, all tracks will be real tracks adapted to Stunts. This means 67 tracks of 78 overall. Some tracks used during the different IMSA Cups will be re-adapted according to the new rules and/or new cars that will be used to race them.

All competitions will be inspired by real ones : DTM, JGTC, Porsche SuperCup, ChampCar, WRC, ...

All original and some "tuned" cars will be used. Different rules will be applied according to each competition. Sometimes shortcuts will be allowed and sometimes not, sometimes there will be more than one lap on a track, ...

All competitions won't be race to complete a career, but you'll be able to race more than one career if you want to try all the different tracks.

All informations and rules about this competition will be published in a "competition rules" page on the future website of this competition.

Project W.I.P. (Work In Progress) at the date of 5th September 2006 :
Decision tree : done (except if I change my mind again, so far it's already the 5th version of the decision tree :o :D).
Story : almost finished to be written. ;)
Tracks designed : 1 / 78 (real work of track designing will start once all tracks logos and maps will be collected, I hope to create around 3 or 4 tracks per week if everything runs fine).
Real tracks logos found : 17 / 67 (I'm collecting them all right now).
Real tracks maps found : 12 / 67 (I'm collecting them all right now).
Real competitions logos found : 19 / 23 (I'm collecting them all right now).
Competition website : not even started.
Competition banner : some attempts made, but not good so far.

This message will be edited regularly to let you know about the W.I.P. of this competition preparation.

I hope the concept seems interesting to you, but I need some time to plan all the competition and create all the tracks.

One last info : this competition will begin after the last 2 steps of WRC Stunts will be raced. Expect a track designing finished for the end of 2006, maybe early 2007, and website preparation too. So it would mean last WRC Stunts events during the beginning of 2007 and then, this new competition concept of Stunts career will start.


I wrote "r a c e r" more than once in the text above and I forgot that it's always replaced by pipsqueak. ;D


Here is the 1st or 2nd version of the decision tree, but it has been changed a lot since then with arrows colors according to medals obtained, and with new competitions organization and new competitions added too, as there is now 23 competitions instead of 18.
But I won't publish the final version, so you'll still have surprises during your career. ;D

Additional info : "out" arrows means that your career will be definitively finished at theses points of your career if you can't reach at least the bronze medal.


Wow, this seems interesting :) Almost like a new game, but still with the Stunts racing gameplay. I'm looking forward to racing through a career and winning the F1 championship after 30 minutes  ;D
But we can't be quite sure.


Quote from: BonzaiJoe on September 05, 2006, 05:47:34 PM
Wow, this seems interesting :) Almost like a new game, but still with the Stunts racing gameplay. I'm looking forward to racing through a career and winning the F1 championship after 30 minutes  ;D
You will race all kind of competitions in one career. You'll find :
- ZakStunts/Kalpen/StuntsLOL/USC/... style with different cars and shortcuts allowed
- ISA/IRC/WSC style for Formula 1 competition (final stage of the career), that is indy-no shortcuts
- IMSA Cup style in IMSA Le Mans series competition
- WRC Stunts style during the WRC event of the career
- one of the FranceStunts crazy rules of the 2002/2003 season during Paris-Stunts-Dakar special event (the "checkpoint" rule that made Mingva so crazy, and also used once last year at USC)
- a blast comeback from the past with the special event "24 laps of Le Stunts", adaptation of the "24 hours of Le Mans", (many thanks to Pershing II for inspiration)
- Stunts version of the "500 miles of Indianapolis" : the soon famous "5 huge laps of Indianapolis"
- some tracks with multi-laps racing, like ZCT+3 (including "24 laps of Le Stunts" and "5 huge laps of Indianapolis" of course, but not only)
- and Stunts versions of DTM, V8 SuperCars, Ferrari challenge, GP2, Nascar, World Series by Renault (ex-Nissan World Series), WTCC, ...


...can't wait for my first warm-up-round!  :)
Vintage Stunts Racing at


Wow, sounds interesting and difficult. I'll beat all the computer enemies... erm... opponents. :D


Idea is great. I can't wait to start my own 'career'. If I can help you in any way, please let me know.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


Project is still active, but story has been changed as it was way too "European" view and I want all South American pipsqueaks to be interested too in this concept.
Therefore I changed the story and the decision tree again, and had to add some new competitions and tracks.
There is now around 100 tracks needed (7 done so far), all competition logos are collected and almost all real tracks maps.


About the story, I want to add a little part of RPG in it, with wedding possibilities and divorce possibilities too. Choose your wife wisely, not all of them will be good for your career...

A "motivation" value will be measured according to the geographic origin you'll choose and the competition you'll be racing : main idea is that if you race far away from your original home you'll loose some motivation, and this will affect the story and the choices possibilities, but it will be compensated according to your results :
- reach gold medal will always increase your motivation, even if you're far away from home,
- silver medal will remain unchanged your motivation,
- bronze medal will make your motivation decrease if you race far away from home.
A low level of motivation may force you to stop your career, or force you to come back closer from home at a lower level of competition. Beware.
Of course, if you marry a woman, her geographic origin will become yours for the "motivation" value. So, strategic wedding may help your career... Be clever. ;)

As the "motivation" value, a "love-meter" will be measured. Stay too long time away from your wife and she'll ask for a divorce. ;D Having children may change this : women are less motivated to find another husband if they already have children.
How to have children ? You'll know it later. :D

If you race a worldwide competition instead of a "local" one, this won't affect your "motivation" value nor your "love-meter" as a worldwide competition gives lots of reputation.

I remember you that I'll have to finish the 2 last rallies of WRC Stunts before this Stunts Career will really begin, and the 1st of these 2 WRC Stunts rallies will begin 28th of October. Short and not too difficult tracks in order to see great wars for milliseconds. I hope to see you there. ;)


A quick info : "decision tree" (and the story that goes with it) is now version number 9. It seems now quite good and well balanced.

Some stats : 42 different events, 107 tracks, 17 events minimum to reach Formula 1.

Addition of the "Race of Champions" special event ( ) after WRC event (with 2004-2005 track of RoC) and in the end after F1 event (with new 2006 track of RoC).


If it comes true it will be the greatest project in Stunts EVER.

2007 will be the year of special competitions.


I still don't know when I'll be ready to start it. Track design is not the main thing, I want to create a semi-automatic website and I still don't know exactly how to manage it.

I'm also looking for potential partnership for tracks encyclopedia according to the huge number of tracks.


if you have a concept of what you want to store in the database I can help in the automatization.


Thanks Zak.

First : log into the website to see your own career page. If one driver will want to do more than one career, he will have to use another nick for the second one.

I want people to be able to post their times and it will enter in the database. This I think I understood how to handle it.

Result will appear as "not validated". Once I'll validate it in the database (after verifying replay), I want the next track to be available for download, or, even better, sent automatically by mail. I don't know if this is possible.

Then, I want each track "scoreboard" (records of every pipsqueak) to be able to appear according to results posts in the database. This, I'm working on it.

And also I want to prepare the story in the database in order to have the appropriate part of the story to be added automatically to the career according to the results and the player's choices. It seems quite complicated to do in an automatic way sadly.

When the player will have to choose between 2 or sometimes 3 choices for the next event of his career, I also want the player to do it on the website. Once made, the choice should not be possible to be changed. How to avoid the pipsqueak not to modify a choice by using the "back to last page" button of the web browser ?

Numerous problems, isn't it ? And I'm sure I'll discover others while making the website, like management of the "motivation" and the "love-meter"...

Maybe my goal is too ambitious, maybe I'll have to do numerous parts of the updates manually like adding the good sequel to the story and so on... Creating a database with possibility to enter times and see scoreboards seems so far the only thing possible to handle automaticaly for me.


I stopped a few to design tracks and I work on the website for the moment.

Main problem will be the programming of the RPG part with wife(s). I intend to do it a little bit as it was in "Pirates!" game for those oldies like me who remember this game. ;D