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Started by alanrotoi, September 26, 2021, 05:34:38 PM

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18 different tricks recorded up to now.


There are a couple of tricks I won't record beucause they aren't tricks, only bugs. A lot of work to reproduce them just to show something useless.
- elevated corner: you can go between the wall plates like in corkscrew up/down but slower and pointless.
- tunnel: the same as before. You can go through the wall (I did it from the outside but maybe it's possible from the inside too). Again, slow, with a lot of patience and pointless.


I'll try to find a replay in which I do that. It has happened to me many times, but it's hard to do on purpose. I'm sure I must have posted replays with that trick on ZakStunts. The car jumps from the right side of the corkscrew to the left side over the wall. It's very neat.
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I mean in the elevated corner only. The one in corkscrew up/down I got from zct18. Oh an dI guess we used recently with the countach too.


26 tricks recorded only few left in my list and then I'll check again for more.

Does anybody remember when was done the trick with power gear "walk on water" in the fence? I guess it was in zak's between 60-70 and maybe one from 1-13...


Quote from: alanrotoi on October 03, 2021, 06:43:53 PM
Does anybody remember when was done the trick with power gear "walk on water" in the fence? I guess it was in zak's between 60-70 and maybe one from 1-13...

The traditional example is ZCT010, Argammon's first victory, with the Corvette. Another one I know of is my lap at ISM 2008 Track B, with the Indy. Both replays are attached below. I'll post here if I recall any others.


Thanks you!! I'll record them.


- I need a replay with a highway jump exit (the same as the normal highway jump but at the end).
Please tell me your opinion about the order, maybe a trick is too easy for advanced for example.

The tricks already recorded:


- Chicane grass
- Horizontal Bridge from elevation, you can go through its wall.
- Cork LR skip the cork from right
- Cork LR skip the cork from left
- Cork UD jump at out of the ground ramp
- Cork UD drive under the cork path
- Loop cup from out + turn in the air (maybe not for newbie because the turn in the air part. Maybe I should record the trick without returning to the road)
- Pipe concrete jump ( from the inside wall to the top of the concrete, it makes a small jump when you leave it)
- Pipe Mid jump
- Slalom drive between the blocks in a straight line
- Slalom driving out (I must remember it is more useful at high speed or PG)
- Tunnel roof (not the best example recorded because it ends in a turn in the air trick. Easy to make a new one)

- Bridge "anti jump"
- Bridge "when you almost don't catch the other side of the bridge but you make a great speedup jump" just like we did in last zct track
- Cork LR right side jump
- Cork LR left side jump crash
- Cork UD jump to the invisible platform out of the top
- Cork UD wall go throught
- Turn-in-the-air trick
- Highway mid jump
- Loop ramp go throught
- Pipe entrance (beginner maybe?)
- Pipe exit (beginner maybe?)
- Water speedup

- Cork LR roof jump
- Loop mid jump

(A trick I forgot is the banked upperside jump)

Is there more tricks? If so tell me with a short explanation please :)
Should we add not so useful tricks?

PG and magic carpet are for another videos.

PS: Magic carpet is an expert trick, I think it only should be mentioned but in-depth in another video.


That's a pretty good list! Here are a few things you might want to add to it:

  • Shifting techniques: shifting up before a jump to gain speed, shifting down before landing on grass to lose less speed, etc.
  • On a related topic, Countach's anti-power gear.
  • Slalom block go-through. (I think I only saw the loop leg go-through/"bug cut" on the list).
  • Dual-way switching, if you feel that is on topic for this series of videos. (FWIW, there's a video explaining dual-way switching I made a long time ago.)
  • Using the side edge of a ramp for a little jump, either to gain a little speed before the main jump, or to replace the main jump with a much shorter flight. (Is that the one you called "bridge anti jump", though?)
  • The Acura helicopter trick (CTG's signature move, and a seriously hard one to explain!)

Quote from: alanrotoi on October 08, 2021, 09:38:24 PM
- Slalom driving out (I must remember it is more useful at high speed or PG)

PG can make it slightly more useful, as you won't lose speed from having two wheels on grass, but I think that is almost never the decisive factor. It usually comes down to getting a better line into the section of the track after the slalom. Two good examples are my lap on ZCT228 and CTG's on ZCT236.

Quote from: alanrotoi on October 08, 2021, 09:38:24 PM
- Loop mid jump

That's the "inner loopcut" -- dropping or jumping off the right side of the loop leg and landing on the track -- right? If so, the advanced/higher speed variations on that certainly veer towards the expert end of the scale, even though it is not all rare of a trick.


Time to work on this video. How it should be? A voice-off video is not an option. My pronunciation isn't enough good for this language :D I think about showing every trick like "name of the trick - main clip - clip 2 another angle of the same trick". Also I could add a slow-motion replay of the trick. Then the next trick, etc.

Do you have another idea? It should be easy to edit too ;)


Your suggestion sounds good and it should be easy to edit as well.  Perhaps adding a description of how to perform the trick would also be useful.  For example, a video of someone simply driving through the back of a loop leg isn't really going to help them perform the trick.  They need to know the reason why this is possible and the best way to attempt to pull it off.


Like leading up to the trick all the necessary requirements are shown on screen one by one.
Like speed / direction / sweet spot etcetera.
Or a freeze frame of the target with illustration.
The blueprint animation of mythbusters would be cool to.
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Hi! I didn't forget this project! Also I found another trick to the list: traspassing the bridge floor over the hill side. I think is something similar of traspassing the loop floor.