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RH - R8/2007 - "CUTS"

Started by Mark L. Rivers, August 29, 2007, 07:02:51 AM

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But deadline remains the same, right?
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

Mark L. Rivers

Deadline remains the same, 50 minutes to improve.


OK, deadline's up. My time for CUTS is 1:02.70. Hope it is enough to win. How about your time Mark?
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

Mark L. Rivers


Again Chulk, again a shocking time!!!  :o :o :o  Disconcerting all again, the argentinian ace wins is 2nd consecutive race with a superb performance (1?02?70, fastest 2nd, 3rd and 4th sections with abyssal gap in the 2nd one  :o), leaving all his opponents so far: I (fastest 1st section) improved a lot my previous time (about 4?50), but I?m 2nd at over 3?, AbuRaf70 (3rd podium in this season, 2 in a row and 2nd time in third section) is third with a heavy gap (over 5?) preceding again Duplode (4th at the end after the 3rd provisional place at 1st and 2nd intermediate) for less than a second. Fifth place for SuperBrian with a good 1st section (4th time) even if he chose a bad way as we talk after. The danish driver improves his time and succeeds to arrive just ahead (0?10) his teammate Krys TOFF (6th) who didn?t race after 2nd Checkpoint. Close a very good Sergio Baro who improved again a lot his time arriving very near to the group (only 3? his gap from 5th place).  :)

And now some highlights after watching the replays and seeing the analysis. It appears very clear how the ramp placed at the beginning of the track was not a good choice. Who chose it is arrived at 1st intermediate about 1? later than who avoided it.  ::)   Absolutely fantastic job for Chulk crossing the 2nd intermediate  8): he chose a direct line cutting in an extraordinary way the hill and keeping a very high speed. Did he broke before the L/R corkscrew placed just after the intermediate? Absolutely no! He has succeeded to pass outside (right, top, left) in a very strange mode increasing again his speed: really fantastic!  :) And finally, great rescue for AbuRaf70, only 5th at 1st intermediate with a gap higher than 1? from Duplode!  :)

What about the championship? Maybe it?s too late for Chulk even if rescuing 13 points in last 2 races it?s not impossible. If Chulk wins twice and I get ?only? the 3rd place in both races (in this season I arrived even 4th in a Indy race, that is ?Geometry?), with some bonus points the hook could be. Same arguments for the third final place with Krys TOFF who has to rescue 12,5 points on AbuRaf70 who has improved his vantage in this race for other 5 points.

Next race
And now we are projected in the penultimate race. It will start next 1st October with a funny track and a funny car, so? stay with us!  ;)