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Stressed downloads - Updated 2021-03-08

Started by dstien, October 14, 2008, 07:40:05 PM

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Get the latest code from our Git repository if you want to compile the current version for your exotic platform of choice.

Latest build: (2021-03-07 git 9827f7c1a88db5bf92f1ac9e752bb3f14bd378b3)

  • Prevent flickering when switching between resources.
  • Added more text resource ids from GAME.PRE/MAIN.RES/TEDIT.PRE.
  • Safeguards against overwriting packed files when saving.
  • Fixed ".sfx" unpacked extension.
  • Improvements to resource size guessing.
  • Default option for parsing unknown resources is to treat as raw data.
  • Import and export of binary data of raw resources as binary data.
  • Added a "move to" action to the materials list.
  • Adjustments for building with QT 5.15 and MSVC 2019 (LowLevelMahn).
  • Replaced old bugs with new ones.

  • The Windows build linked above requires having installed the Visual C++ redistributable. Here is a direct download link for its x64 version, and the relevant downloads page (it shows up under "Other tools, frameworks and redistributables" at the bottom).
  • This binary is not statically linked, unlike the 0.2.1 one. That might change in a future, non-snapshot release.

Older builds: (2013-01-20 hg e0d96cd9b0b1/git d441c71db6b03adb4f8c0efffd231f6f6f477b49)

  • Change order of shape paint jobs (Duplode).
  • Raw binary editing of opponent path and car tuning resources.
  • Opponent speed resource editing.
  • Simple animation sequence editing.
  • Link to user manual on the Stunts Wiki (Duplode).
  • Ported to Qt version 5.0.
  • Statically linked Windows binary. (2008-11-26 SVN r51)

  • Automatic cull-data calculation.
  • Y-axis ratio correction in 3d view.
  • Improved material selection list. (2008-10-28 SVN r45)

  • Flip and mirror primitives.
  • Material selection list. (2008-10-26 SVN r41)

  • Draw wheel and sphere primitive.
  • Optionally weld coexisting vertices.
  • Highlight vertices.
  • Easier cull data editing.
  • Visualize cull data. (2008-10-14 SVN r33)

  • Change order/rename/duplicate/insert new resources.
  • Partially open files containing unsupported resources.
  • 3d view mouse picking.
  • Fixed interpretation of primitive flags. (2008-10-06 SVN r29)

  • Initial build.