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ZCT102 - Byroads

Started by zaqrack, November 30, 2009, 09:35:46 PM

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by Mark L. Rivers

I hope this track will earn the deserved attention.

Mark L. Rivers

For the 2nd time I've the honour to design a track for the most prestigious Stunts contest, and I'm very happy about it!

What track is "Byroads"?
"Byroads" is part of a particular (and maybe new) kind of track. We can define it a special dual-way track, which permits to the drivers to choose a COMPLETE alternative path, beside the conventional track designed, in order to reach the finish.
There are not usual Stunts twilights' elements, but drivers can manage their cars, even quite far from the conventional track, through new kinds of paths you can find only in a free disposition of Stunts elements.
The alternative track (fast and exciting as an unexplored territory) crosses 6 times the conventional track (slow and veeeery boring) to avoid penalty time. You can choose both the "tracks" at the beginning, but you have to mind that then you will be able to switch only from the fast one to the slow one, and not the inverse (not for a specific rule but forcedly, due to the design of the "tracks").
Anyway, what makes all quite intriguing is the following feature: while all the cars are able to follow the conventional track (having then no chances to leave it) not all the cars are able to follow entirely the alternative track (again, due to the design of the "tracks"). Moreover, some cars (the slowest ones) will have to switch obligatory to the conventional track after the half of the alternative track.
All this structure (including some additional "obstacles" for certain type of cars on the alternative track) has made in order to making as balanced as possible the race due to the current car bonuses. Thanks to this structure, "Byroads" should be permit to see in December a challenge at least between two or three cars. At least I hope!

Not finishing this post without mentioning that drivers who will join in ISM 2010 won't find something similar (only pure classical tracks there, obviously with some unusual and dazzling tracts... ;) ), I hope ZCT102 will be a funny, exciting and challenging race! So...fasten your seatbelt! :)


Radical track design FTW!  ;) It was about time someone pulled off a true "fake track" in an official competition context. My only fear about Z102, once seeing the layout, was that the racing action would go down the drain in case we had to do it with Ranger. Fortunately, that is not the case - Cody's car allows for perfectly adequate racing.


How can I force myself to race...


Late reply: only now I have watched the replays of Z102. Renato's usage of the Speedgate route with Ranger and subsequent trouncing of everyone else was impressive enough. However, the one thing that I'll remember from this race is Gutix rounding the second cork u/d on the inside wall just because he could. That should remain forever as one of the biggest symbolical moments of pwnage in Stunts.


The intention was make a little jump in the edge of the ramp, and that was the result  :)