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International Stunts Master 2010

Started by Mark L. Rivers, November 12, 2009, 11:13:12 AM

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Mark L. Rivers

Qualify Analysis

Quite interesting due to the high number of the possible trajectories.

Mark L. Rivers

Race Preview!

A short preview about the Race, just to see what the drivers will find in one of the most dazzling pool of tracks ever for ISM (you can take a look about them peeping the images attached... ;) ).

What about the cars...? Here it is some indications:

1) there will be three different cars respect the last edition
2) they will be all original cars
3) we will have one fast car, one PG car and one very classic Stunts car
4) only two cars of them have been already used in the past final stages of ISM

Enough to individuate where the ISM 6 will have to seat...?  :D ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Breaking news!

Due to a personal problem, not really alarming (at least until here...) but quite heavy related to use the keyboard as we did for Stunts, I have to renounce to participate at the Race.   :-[
But ISM 2010 will have the honour to see "in" an historical and prestigious champion: the invite has been in fact extended to the first of the not qualified, Bonzai Joe, who accepted.  :)  So BJ, unique driver always on the final podium in ISM, will be able to lunge his personal winning stripe, challenging with the other great starrings: sure a dazzling event is coming!


Mark L. Rivers

A bit more than 30 hours to the start of the Race, time to discover which cars the ISM 6 will find arriving on the tracks!

Track A: A wonder, exciting, engaging run for a very fast Porsche 962. Warning: you have to jump with high precision... ;)

Track B: Classic slides on a classic track for a classic Stunts car, the Lancia Delta: a race for Stunts purists...   :)

Track C: Do you love the NSX Acura? If you also like the free races, well, your fun will be double!   8)

Mark L. Rivers

Race start!

Here we are: the International Stunts Master 2010 is starting just now!  :)

Before you lower your visors, please, pay attention to the following IMPORTANT rules:


Leading Time Bonus will be calculated in this way: 0,2 points for every new leading time sent on every different track. Anyway, there are some specific rules to keep in count:
1) A driver can get the Time Bonus only one time in a day, that is only one time between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 (GMT+1) of every day.

2) Time Bonus won't be assigned to a driver if he results already 1st with a leading time (realized in a previous day) that had permitted him to get Time Bonus

3) Time Bonus will be assigned to a driver if he results already 1st with a leading time (realized in a previous day) that had NOT permitted him to get Time Bonus

4) Time Bonus won't be assigned in the first day of race ( 4th Jan 2009 ) and in the last two days of Race (28th and 29th Jan 2009 ), which will be Quiet Days.


Save the replay with the format "XXMSSCCT", where:
•   XX are the first two letters of the name of the driver,
•   M is the data related at the minutes of race,
•   SS is the data related at the seconds of the race
•   CC is the data related at the centiseconds of race.
•   T is the data related at the track of the race.

For example, if Duplode realizes 1.05,45 on Track B, he must save the replay with the following name: DU10545B


Drivers have to send the replay (*.RPL) by mail, and they must write in the subject of the mail the following data:
1)      Time(s) of the replay(s)
2)      Track(s) related.   

For example, if a driver sent a mail attaching replays realized on Track A and Track C, the subject of the mail should be: Track A: 1.10,55     Track C: 1.05,60

The time(s) written in the subject of the mail will be assumed as official time. This will permit a faster update consenting to postpone the check of the replays (with RPLINFO utility).


Replays sent will be checked as soon as possible with RPLINFO utility. The presence of divergences between official times declared by mail subject and effective times relieved checking the replays, will comport a penalty time: 1 point if the time sent was a leading time and 0,2 points if it wasn't a leading time.

OK, that's all!

Gentlemen, start your engines!  :)

Mark L. Rivers

The race has been opened by the first two drivers...  ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Four new limits, four new Time Bonus and third outset!  :)


Looking at Track C, I suppose way switching is not allowed in this competition  :D
But we can't be quite sure.

Mark L. Rivers

Quote from: BonzaiJoe on January 08, 2010, 03:08:58 PM
Looking at Track C, I suppose way switching is not allowed in this competition  :D

Didn't I specify it in the rules? Well I provide immediately... done!  :D ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Other six replays, a new outset, and a new provisional leader in general classification: really an exciting beginning!  :)

Mark L. Rivers

A driver seems to be already seriously engaged in the contest: he's the current leader on the two tracks where he put his wheels...  8)

Mark L. Rivers


A new general leader from South America....  :)

Mark L. Rivers

The title of the provisional leader moves from South America to Europe...  ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Again South America, but another starring on top: he has already got a whole 1 point as bonus, a point that could be really heavy in the battle for the final classification...