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International Stunts Master 2010

Started by Mark L. Rivers, November 12, 2009, 11:13:12 AM

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Mark L. Rivers

Penultimate update before the final Quiet Days!
SuperBrian pushes his Lancia and Acura over the top, conquering the first provisional place in Track B and C with two new absolute record that lead him one more time to be the leader of the general classification: the amazing danish driver is also the one who collected the highest number of Time Bonus (12) at the moment, and there are less than 6 hours to get the last ones! Yes only a bit less than 6 hours to the silence which will walk until the deadline, scheduled for Friday 29 at 22.00 (GMT +1): who will be so brave to discover again a bit his own cards?  ;)

Mark L. Rivers

No other replays until last midnight (neither in Spam folder... ;) ) so what you see on the scoreboard is the situation at the begininng of the Quiet Days: from now, absolute silence about the results until the deadline! OK, 39 hours to the end of the International Stunts Master 2010: it's time to put a last set of new tyres for a final furious lap...  8)

Mark L. Rivers

Waiting for the final result (I'm quite sure that it will be published tomorrow morning, but never say never... ;)), I would glad to know your feedbacks about the track (exciting, funny, boring, good or awful track/combo, else...), and if the contest satisfied or not your expectations: please the truth, wathever it is! :)


The tracks were up to the usual high standards, with very interesting passages and overall designs that were never tiring, overlong or boring, making it easier to focus equally on the three tracks and explore them adequately. In particular, the final third of Track B is maybe the most clever and subtle combo in SDR/ISM so far  :) Organization was excellent as expected. My only source of insatisfaction was not being able to race on the first half of the finals, missing out further enjoyment (and LTB!!!)...


I think that was a month sensational, a lot of activity for ISM. As for the tracks, each one has something I like, but if I have to choose which was the one I like I keep the track B. The choice of cars was entirely proper for each track. Also I like those cars  ;). The overall management was impeccable, except for the little problem of e-mail left in the spam folder   ::) :P.

In brief: brilliant, really enjoy it and I had fun!

Mark L. Rivers

The results are published: thanks to all for this, one more time, dazzling contest, and congratulations to the winner!  :) :) :)


Racing on the tracks, I had a general feeling of novelty, like "even after all these years and all these tracks, I don't get bored with Mark L. Rivers tracks". You are a very creative track designer and you make use of all the possibilities in the game. I also think it was great that the tracks were so different from each other. Cars perfectly fitting. I think the only ways you could improve would be: 1. the first half of track A (from the tunnel jump to the stray pipe) which wasn't quite up to level, and then track C sometimes got a bit too repetitive (penalty dodging in easy power gear). But it was still really fun to ride, which is always nice when you're working hard on other tracks.

Everything also seemed to run smoothly. Maybe you could put track download links and a simplified scoreboard right on the front page?
But we can't be quite sure.


Congratulations to Gutix! It was a good fight in the end after all.

Mark L. Rivers

Thanks a lot for all your compliments. I always try to realize tracks who can keep alive the desire to race in the Stunts drivers, arousing emotions and fun, and when I know I succeed in it, I'm really glad and satisfied.
It was and hard job for me organizing and managing all having a lot of things to do. Knowing all you have found the contest so good rewards me for all my engagement. Also I'll mind the suggestions in the case I'll be able to organize a new edition in the future.

Thanks again!


Una vez más, Mark nos ha deleitado con tres pistas extraordinarias, muy entretenidas por cierto, con lo que podemos decir que no solo es maestro manejando sino también elaborando pistas...  sumado a todo esto, la impecable organización y presentación del evento.
FELICITACIONES MARK POR TODO TU GRAN TRABAJO...!!!  esperemos que como siempre, a principio de año nos brindes este regalo, y que mi salud me acompañe para disfrutarlo...

FELICITACIONES TAMBIEN AL GRAN CAMPEON GUTIX...!!!!!   quien demostró que haciéndole caso a Mark de trabajar duro durante toda la competencia, desde principio a fin, logró los bonus necesarios para ganarle a otro Gran Campeón DUPLODE...  FELICITACIONES TAMBIEN PARA EL, y además, para el tercer integrante del Podio, BONZAI JOE.
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.