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Stunts won't accept Trackblaster Pro track?

Started by Svenne, February 04, 2011, 11:32:54 PM

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Today I tried making a Stunts track with the program TrackBlaster Pro, since it's supposed to allow roads on water, for example. However, when I select the track in the track menu Stunts gives me a warning about "Limited track pieces allowed on water". Any suggestions/things I might have missed?
The track is attached below.


The verification system is choking on your track because of the unpaired final ramp; remove it or add a landing ramp after it and it will work. The verification system will approve most tracks without continuity issues (such as a lone ramp) regardless of other "illegal" elements (roads on water, etc.); oddly enough, however, once a continuity issue is detected it will start complaining about all the other hacks it would have ignored otherwise (and that's why you got an error message which had nothing to do with the actual problem).


Thanks a lot ;D
I've attached the new track if anyone would like to donwload it.
I'd also like to have another qustion answered please; what's the difference between fast/slow video management? I see no difference between them.


video management speed only affects the replays, whether the system saves your path in 0.05 seconds or 0.10 seconds. It does not have any effect on the gameplay.