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Z208 - Invaders

Started by Shoegazing Leo, October 23, 2018, 05:45:07 PM

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This is a track I would love to do with something fast and agile. The LM002 actually isn't too bad on the agile part of that, but an IMSA car or the McLaren or Melange or either of my own projects, the kart or the new DTM cars, (or the Xylocaine, or the Speedgate, or the Indy, or a fast power slider like the GT3, or...) would be a lot of fun on this as well.

But the map art if very cool either way.


They're coming outta the stallin walls!


It's a very nice track with many curves. Lucky that the LM001 is really good in that department. Of course, you all know I love fast races, but if I have to race with a slow car from time to time, this is how I prefer to do it. I've been racing it a bit, but still don't have a satisfying replay. I will soon post :)
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Glad this track worked out ok, and the race was not too boring :)

I started its design with a larger version of the same, but to make it faster I made each segment shorter and shorter. In the end, there were almost no straights left, but the twisty path seemed fun with the LM002. I had the three little hills in the middle at that point, the rest of the scenery came out of nowhere.

Oh, it's also quite fun with the Superkart, give it a try!


Yes, it was nice. My original intention was to post another replay nearer the end of the race, but I became suddenly quite busy those last days. At least, I was able to participate at the beginning.
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.