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Reverse racing

Started by dreadnaut, November 11, 2019, 10:56:54 PM

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 ;D ;D ;D Waaaaahahahahaaaa, this is hilarious!!!
Vintage Stunts Racing at


Wow!  Ha, ha!  I imagine these guys' necks and backs after the race, poor them! XD
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The reason this was ever a thing was the variomatic transmission in these cars. One side effect of the technology is that the car can reach all the same gear ratio's in reverse that it can going forward, and is thus just as fast going backwards. Well, just as slow anyway...

Basically it's anti-Stunts.


Oh, that's very interesting. It's the same system that evolved to become the transmission used in small scooters.


My 50cc moped had continuous variable transmission, but not reverse gear... :-\


Think positive, afullo
While going reverse, you can watch the road only forward, so it's better not to drive in reverse, because you can occur damage in your car, in your health, you can endanger other's car/health, which counts as crime
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You don't count the fact that I want to do some crime, because I aspire to start a career in rap as a bad boy.  ;D