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Started by alanrotoi, July 29, 2013, 11:49:18 PM

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I do most of my internet via smartphone. Buti only use trusted local wi-fi, I always have my phone one 'do not disturb' mode (exception for selected contacts). Most apps are not allowed to display notifications. Group chats are all muted. no social media apps active.

So an phone that I control, not one that controls me

I find it very useful.
(I'm sitting with my four year old daughter who can't sleep. So she isn't alone. And have the opportunity to write this.
I think that 90% of my forum posts are written on my phone in-between other activities.
So I'm pro phone. (But I hate it to when people prioritize their phone above company)
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Well, what I meant was that seeing somebody with a phone on the sidewalk while I was walking in my town making as if it was 1990, breaks the illusion, as there were no cell phones back then. In many aspects, the city hasn't change from the outside.

But I do hate cell phones, that's another story, ha, ha. Not cell phones themselves, in reality, more the fact that we're being forced to use them. When I detect that people start to push me to do one thing, I quickly begin to develop aversion to it. I personally do have a spyphone ("smartphone") which only has Telegram; nothing else. I can also receive calls. To make calls, I have a landline phone, but don't make many calls really. I don't have a cell phone plan and don't need it because all my internet (even Telegram) is from home, via Wi-Fi. I don't carry my cell phone with me when I go out. I have it only because I use it to keep contact with some people who are far away. I don't use it for anything else. Even Telegram, I have it on my computer to and if I'm on the computer, I don't use the cell phone.
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Quote from: alanrotoi on January 29, 2022, 06:09:55 PM
Here in Hirlingham in a party drinking Manaos.

Btw it was a mistype, the name is "Hurlingham". I live in Castelar, but Buenos Aires is my place in the world. I feel I could't live far from it without missing a lot of things. I live 10km away (about 7km actually) so it doesn't count as living awsy from its influence. it is almost another neigborhood but also you can note the difference of being in Buenos Aires or in a close city. It is the arquitecture, the avenues, the shops. Maybe it is hard to believe but when I live in Buenos Aires, in a middleclass non centric neigborhood called Flores you had 2-4 taxis waiting in every traffic lights in the avenue 80 meter from my building. Here in Castelar you have about 8 taxis for the whole city and lives about 120,000 people. I think Castelar is one of the most beatiful cities of the west zone.

Oh and a detail I love of a non-sleeping city as Buenos Aires is if you want to have an icecream at 2:30am every day of the week you will have and icecream shop close to your home. Here in Castelar the night life is only for the weekends.


Córdoba, the second largest city (by a very big difference after Buenos Aires) in Argentina, also has a very unique night life. Like Alan describes, here night life also is not limited to discos and it's not uncommon to see a family walking downtown at midnight. I do like many things about Córdoba. I have been to Buenos Aires a few times and I agree that it's a city worth discovering, with everything for you to do. However, I would not like to actually "live" in Buenos Aires. Distances are huge and so are the times it takes to go from a point to another. But again, if you have the chance, you definitely must visit the city.

And Córdoba has its great things and it allows me to spend time in places I've known for all my life, but I don't think I have a place in the world for myself, that is, not one in particular. Anywhere I can have peace is good. What keeps me around here is family, but I'm really a flying bird.
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I have a friend in Córdoba. She works in the History Museum UNC - Manzana Jesuítica y Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús. I would like to take the tour to all those old buildings :).