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Started by zaqrack, October 25, 2002, 04:30:13 PM

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Awaiting your comments on Dumb...

al il professore

driving this one kicks ass! too long for other car than indy. Not well scenerized. Landscape is awful. But its four, as driving counts better to me. I like it because its jumpy.
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I raced with Jaguar, Indy and Audi on it. Haven't fun to race with slow car. Only 6th gear gave some fun.

Advantages: challene?;
Disadvantages: lack of scenery, some corners, a little long and boring.

There's my vote:
Fun and Interest - 1.5 from 3
Length and Layout - 2.5 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 1.5 from 3

So, my overal vote for Dumb is 3


Well, this track has been designed for 6th gear.
And i like 6th gear :D
But there's a lack of scenery. Not the most important for me, but it makes 4 instead of 5.
4, that's my vote.


Indy score: 3 too 6th geary for a comp. track, but nice for live event
Lambo score: 2. It's boring, because it's too 6th geary. :)
Scenery: 1. template terrain, no nice things :(
Comp: length 5, ideal, shortcuts: 3, looks ok, but no protection. -->4
15/6---> 2.5 --> only a 2 at me. :(



Good track
Awful terrain
Mediocre competition compatibility
Good length
Gets a 3 here. Too much power gear driving on the grass and too little scenery.
But we can't be quite sure.


Horrible design...  :evil: But it's very fast, so the track is one of my favorites (not for COMPETITION, something like Skids...) Mark: strong 3


I think this track is not enough to take part in this competition. It's only two points...  :?


Quote from: "CTG"I think this track is not enough to take part in this competition. It's only two points...  :?
And can you explain me why do you say that?  :twisted:


Hey CTG! Perharps its really awful! I think I can't give better then 2 points.

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Somehow I liked this track, although it's not a very special one. Let's give a 4.
Chürműű! :-)

2049.05 km


-no terrain objects at all
-to many straight passages
-not enoug stunts
-to easy

sorry rating: another 2


It's a common track, I like it. The difficulty is medium, the fun is medium. But I don't like the last 20 seconds, I don't know why but I really hate it. Somebody could explain it? I can't race that part, I mean don't want to race.... so strange

Calificaci?n: 3.


Another good one, with average scenery/ not so interesting- 3 points


This track is one of the 1st sent. And, i voted 4 on it.

But the more i see new tracks, the more i think my vote was too high.

I mean, the scenery is inexistant and it's too easy to reach 6th gear.

Not that i don't like 6th gear of course :wink: , but this track deserves nothing but a 3 maximum, not the 4 i gave it.

Please change my vote on the "voteboard" Zak.