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Started by dreadnaut, August 20, 2021, 06:30:10 PM

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Yeah, this is just a suggestion and it's not very important really. I just thought it'd be more balanced that way. It already looks great
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I love the look as well.
Two things I am missing in the competition's (not relevant to ZakStunts) is, the car(s) allowed and the description text (or part of it).
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Now we have the description :)  It looks good. I think that cars allowed could be placed to the right of the track title, below the description and on top of the race time bar. Instead of placing it as text, the cars could be displayed by icon. We could send the car ID(s) for current race in the form. Hovering over the car icon could show the car name. Of course, in this case, ZakStunts would have 16 car icons, which is a lot, but could fit a 4x4 grid.

Alternatively, there could be a "See available cars" thingy that you hover on and pulls down a dialog with the current available car list (which could be text or icons). Or a mix: show up to say, four cars, and if there are more, add a plus sign that you hover and reads "see all available cars"; you click on it and it shows you. Just throwing out ideas :)
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