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Stunts = 4D Sports Driving on Amiga

Started by Striker, Yesterday at 02:36:28 PM

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Hello all and thank you for unlocking me to your awesome Stunts Forum.
I love the updates, new cars and improvements the community here is developing for this 30 years old game and I am curious about everything new for this great old Test Drive like Stunts driving game.
I really love most the new cars you guys are creating with all those details and working dashboard.
I know most of the tracks are working for the Amiga version too, but I would like to ask if someone could try to make a additional working car for the Amiga too?
If you want to try it your self just go here and download 4D Sports Driving:
I can also provide a quick setup and working Workbench 1.3.3 with WHDLoad and 4D Sports Driving installed
wich I can e-mail you if you are interessted in creating working additional cars to the AMIGA version of 4D Sports Driving.
Best regards,
Reini :)


Hello there, and welcome!

There are very few people here who have owned or played the Amiga version on this forum. I don't think anyone has tested the existing custom cars on that platform, but it seem to support fewer polygons, so the models would need simpler shapes.

Our wiki is lacking a lot of details about the Amiga version, so if you have played it, you might be the expert here!


Hello dreadnaut,

thank you very much for the welcome. :)
If you want you can check it out very very easy.
Just download my Workbench 1.3.3 with 4D Sports Driving WHDLoad Version included.
The only thing you need is WinUAE and a Kickstart Rom >= Kickstart 2.04 (striker01 @ hotmail . com).
If you don't want to install WinUAE you can download the ZIP version that runs without installing.
It is really easy. You can use my attached uae config file (drag and drop in WinUAE and adjust the path for the HDF and kickstart files ) for a emulated full speed 68040 Amiga 1200. :)


The Amiga version is not 1 on 1 compatible with the DOS 1.1 version. There are big differences made to the engine and that translates to the car files.
Most custom cars have a high polygon count.
That also makes it difficult to make them compatible with Amiga.
I'm quite sure it can be done. But it may not be worth the trouble.
Edison once said,
"I have not failed 10,000 times,
I've successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work."
Currently running over 20 separate instances of Stunts or 4D Sports Driving.


Good morning Daniel3D,

thank you for your reply. All your custom cars you made are great and fun to watch and drive.
These cars with their own dashboard enrich the game very very much. So first of all thank you very much for your awesome work! :)
When I put one of your high quality cars to the Amiga directory the game tries to load your car but then crashes. So the game is intended to load custom cars.

If I could make a wish to the community I would just like to have one custom simple box car for the Amiga.
Just to learn and understand wich requirements the cars for 4D Sports Driving must fulfill to run in the game. I know the very first OCS Amigas 1000,500 had resolution of max. 640 × 256 Pixel (PAL), and could use 16 colors together out of a pallete of 4096 colors.

For the Amiga I use the PC Programs XnView and Irfanview with the all plugins extension to use iff Amiga files.

It would be really greatest if you and the community could help to analyse and understand how the cars work for the Amiga game because I have at least the same fun on the Amiga as with the DOS version and the game runs really nice with the correct setting or on a good PC with WinUAE and the correct setting like Amiga 1200, 68040, Fastest as possible or on a slower PC in the Emulator with JIT in WinUAE enabled and with this setting you get around 20 to 25FPS not the 10 FPS mentioned in the article. :)

I included in my HDF (HardDiskFile) the tool DirectoryOpus4.12. This is a file explorer wich makes it very comfortable and easy to exchange files.
If you want to copy files between PC <-> and the Amiga HDF you just have to include a hard disk directory in the WinUAE menu CD & Hard drives.

You find the files of the game in the directory SYS:Spiele/4DSportsDriving&MstrTrcks/data or DH0:Spiele/4DSportsDriving&MstrTrcks/data