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Server upgrade 2022 (stuff might break)

Started by dreadnaut, July 20, 2022, 08:16:13 PM

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The server upgrade is happening on Monday 29 August, bringing PHP 8.1 and MySQL 8.

Website, forum and wiki will be down from some time during the morning, until we update things — that's after work for me, so likely in the evening.

Hopefully everything will be back up for Tuesday, and for the start of the next race.


Yay I got first post! :D

Nice mobile interface, the old version didn't have one as far as I knew...


Yes, we have gone up several SMF versions with this! We'll see in the coming days if there's anything to fix, or any mod to install — for example, are the dark themes working?

Regarding the server in general, we are stuck on HTTPS-only. This will be a problem for old computers and even some phones :(  Bliss will also fail to retrieve information, I think. Nothing we can change about this, bar the whole hosting company ::)

The new FTP is also very, very slow. The Wiki update is going to be tricky, so I'm going to try the whole thing locally first. Except the wiki to be down for a few days longer, sorry.


Hi!  I'm glad to see the forum back up!  I hadn't read this post before I created another one about the theme, so now I'll post here as well.

I was using a dark theme on the other forum. Now upon logging in here it's back to the light theme. I checked to see if there was another one installed and no, but I think this must be pretty easy to do later on once everything is working well. No hurry, but if it's possible, it'll be appreciated.

As regards https and Bliss, yes, for the moment, the migration to https has broken access from Bliss to all tournaments (since Race For Kicks and therefore CCC have also migrated), but I'll take care of this. What I think I will do is simply have Bliss rely on curl to retrieve information from the sites. Incorporating another library would bloat the source code, since I initially wrote it to be lightweight and is now very bulky. To have it carry more features, it would have to be rewritten with a more flexible structure. I'll leave that for Bliss 3 :p. Curl will do the trick for now. All in all, I think the migration to https was an important pending thing to do for a long time both here and in R4K and it was the right way.
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Quote from: alanrotoi on September 02, 2022, 03:58:07 PMAre attachments disabled in the forum?
No, they are not available in a quick reply. But if you use the normal reply button below the post it is available.

But there's an error.

Screenshot_20220902-161909.png There was a problem during the uploading of Screenshot_20220902-161909.png.
The upload directory is full. Please contact an administrator about this problem. 0.2 MB
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Thank you! What a work! Your effort is a pillar for the community. :)


It really is a pleasure to write in the new forum. It feels a lot more responsive and sharp!
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I think I've managed the wiki upgrade as well!  I'll leave to those who use it regularly to check if everything is working as expected ::)


As I just said in the shoutbox, I only guess we have still to restrict edit access again, since various spam emerged in the very first hours after the restore...

I just checked also how "r acers" correctly converts into "pipsqueaks".


Quote from: afullo on September 04, 2022, 02:16:03 PMAs I just said in the shoutbox, I only guess we have still to restrict edit access again, since various spam emerged in the very first hours after the restore...

Permissions tightened, and spam cleaned up 🧹


More on the Wiki:

- I've removed all the blocked users and most of their data, so we are back at 20-30 actual humans registered; this should make things easier to track

- The old wiki had a "Looping Warriors" namespace; I couldn't find any pages in it, but that might be me not knowing how it works. It's currently disabled, but I think I know how to turn it on again.  @CTG @Akoss Poo, do you remember how that works? Can you still log in?


I've tried the Wiki. It has a very good look, much nicer than the older version. I tried my user and it all works perfectly. I see it has a lot of features and configuration for the user, which makes me wonder if here is also possible to set up a dark theme. Anyway, it's great.
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Wow.... it's so different and with more resources (I'm very busy these days working in Census).