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Dover Island

Started by ZakKrack, October 19, 2002, 03:00:00 PM

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Altough this track is generally speedy, and there are just a few stunts track elements, you must still concentrate or/and do heavy braking at some parts, but there are also fast and really jumpy sections. So there together give a very varied, fast, but hard track, which I enjoy much. Because of the many jumps, the track is more enjoyabkle with manual trm, so  let's say 4 for auto feeling.

Indy feeling, auto trm.: 4

Indy feeling, manual trm.: 5

From the overview you can truly feel the island feeling, hilly and flat parts over the sea, nice. hile driving, it's also great to see the big canyons, or watch the sea from the top of a jump. But I didn't like those few scenery elements there were. Badly placed a bit.

Scenery: 4

From the view of the competition, the length is a little bit too long (4), shortcuts are well blocked, so that pipsqueaks don't feel this is here just for blocking (5), and the overall speed is nice too. (5)

Competition score: 5  

Alltogether 27 out of 30 points, this is truly one of the best competition tracks. 5


Well, when I saw map of the track, I thought: hmm, maybe 3 points I'll give, nothing special, seems very long. But when I begun to race with Jaguar, was crazy look on my face and one question on my mind - who designed this track? It seems that designer knows how 'B' tracks should looks like. Next few times I raced with Indy just for fun (and crashed sometimes after BIG jumps). Wasn't any matter to race with slow car. This track almost perfect  

Advantages: big jumps, speed, shortcuts, fun;

Disadvantages: -

Not needed or what to change:

- 2nd up/down cork (I hate it).

There's my vote:

Fun and Interest - 3 from 3

Length and Layout - 3 from 3

Terrain and Scenery - 3 from 3

So, my overal vote for Dover is 5

al il professore

I dont like it at all... I dont like when u must stay on the track all the time. I like the chess games. (thinking about the shortcuts)

1. For the hard work it demanded.
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ha ha, Alain cann't find shortcuts  

Drive a little more, or ask my rpl