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Guest articles 2023

Started by dreadnaut, November 20, 2022, 12:44:31 AM

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New thread for guest articles! (see 2022)

Yes! We want to read your take on a race!
Choose a track, keep an eye on the race for that month, and send a short and informal news piece once it's over. No marks! A friendly editor!

  • ZCT258 (starts 16 Jan) - Daniel3D
  • ZCT259 (starts 13 Feb) - Alan Rotoi
  • ZCT260 (starts 13 Mar) - ?
  • ZCT261 (starts 10 Apr) - Overdrijf
  • ZCT262 (starts 8 May) - ?
  • ZCT263 (starts 5 Jun) - ?
  • ZCT264 (starts 3 Jul) - ?
  • ZCT265 (starts 31 Jul) - ?
  • ZCT266 (starts 28 Aug) - KyLie
  • ZCT267 (starts 25 Sep) - Cas
  • ZCT268 (starts 23 Oct) - ?
  • ZCT269 (starts 20 Nov) - ?


258 please
Have a track ready to go
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Thank you for volunteering to write a news post, Daniel! 🙇


I still feel sorry about last year. I signed for a race article but forgot it :(. Zct259 would be fine if you agree. I should have time by then.


I was planning to volunteer to make a spring track next year, but as we've just entered the second Overdrijf track in a row maybe a spring article? Put me down to write about 261.


I could make a track and write an article. Note, however, that I am not good at writing. :X

Perhaps 259 or 262, but Alanrotoi was first 


I can write a race summary for ZCT266. :)


Thank you everyone! Table updated, still plenty of tracks available!


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