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Stunts Online Christmas Festival, powered by Hunterboy344, December 29 2022

Started by Overdrijf, December 26, 2022, 02:26:30 PM

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Anyone up for doing the Stunts Online Christmas Festival together? I'm planning to be online on Thursday December 29, 3 days from now, at 14:00 CET, which should be 10:00 Argentina and coastal Brazil time and 23:00 in Brisbane, I think. Join me for some light live racing on Zakstunts' Christmas tracks, sponsored by Hunterboy.

Original race information posted by Hunterboy in the Zakstunts chat box:

ZakStunts 2022 might be over, but I wanted to do one more thing to send off this year. Introducing the STUNTS ONLINE CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL! If you log into Stunts Online ( with the server, you'll notice that I've updated the track roster to include every single ZakStunts end-of-the-year track (November or December for earlier seasons)! These tracks will last through the end of December, possibly longer if I forget to update the tracks again. Hope you all enjoy, and happy holidays!!


As mentioned on the shoutbox, I'm up for it! I have the week off at work, so I should be able to make it at the appointed time.

(By the way, I had managed to have a brief session on the server soon after the Christmas Festival started -- screenshot attached as a teaser. 21 tracks left  :) )

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Update: there was racing yesterday! Overdrijf and I had a fun session trying to work out how to survive the tracks of Christmas past on 10 minutes NoRH, culminating on a very good race at Akoss' ZCT149!


I should try it sometime. I made a test and with Ungoogled Chromium, it does run at a reasonable pace in my computer
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