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Single-car podiums

Started by dreadnaut, January 16, 2023, 12:16:38 AM

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I know, sorry, no tooltips there — unless long-press does something useful? It needs to be something visible, or clickable, to work properly.


Quote from: dreadnaut on January 16, 2023, 12:16:38 AMLet's try an experiment: I've added single-car side scoreboards!

Well then, the season is over and the experiment is complete. What do you folks think?


It's very nice for retro tracks because those often had a single car. So you have a comparison view of sorts. They add a bit of variety without taking anything away.
It's also very similar to what I have in mind for the CCC.
Because I would like to split the scoreboard per car in the future.

So I'm in favour of it staying. But wouldn't loose sleep if it doesn't.
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I see the experiment as a successful one: it gave us an additional way to engage with the races, while shining a light on alternative car usage (be it just for fun, or as a side-effect of a mid-race car switch). A significant number of few pipsqueaks consistently tried several, or many, cars, ensuring most races had most of the podiums filled. By the way, the possibility of activating one more podium encouraged me to drive and post my last day CERV lap in ZCT269  :)


I liked the feature too. In one of the tracks, I posted replays with almost every car to help fill the podiums. Maybe it could become something functional. For example, one could get extra fractional points for being at a car podium.
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I'm not too keen on having main scoreboard points for car podiums. Once you add that, it becomes easy for it to go from a full extra to something you must do -- and I don't I would have enjoyed having to collect every podium while, say, the ZCT267 battle was raging on.


Then maybe a parallel scoreboard in a different place for car podiums. The data is already there. ;)


Yeah, or maybe the points would only be added if you have less than a certain amount of points on that race
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