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new wip car

Started by cody, October 26, 2008, 07:59:59 AM

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I attempted to fine-tune the Ranger yesterday... will post the results for evaluation of Cody and Zak later today  ;)



So here you have the proposed revision 1.6. While there were some rather large changes in some parts of the .RES during the adjustments, generally I tried to preserve the overall feel/concept of the car as laid out on the previous implementations. Performance-wise, acceleration was given a check - below 110mph, it can provide NSX a good challenge on a drag race; beyond that, it is closer to Audi or Lancia. Flat-track top speed is 144mph, and there is little margin for extra gains by jumping: overall top speed is a mere 162mph. As for handling, both grip and braking efficiency were strongly reduced from their IMSA-like values for competition balance concerns; yet they are still are a lot above the levels of other slow cars, thus preserving cody's design decision to some extent (the car can take dirt and ice corners with nice confidence, but not overly easily). Now I will send a personal message to cody explaining the changes in detail so he can evaluate properly the results and confirm any decision taken by Zak...

Edit: Removed deprecated buggy version; get the correct car either from ZakStunts page or from a few posts below.


I did some testing. If cody is also OK with it, the 1.6 ranger is accepted to zakstunts 2009 and I'll begin its performance evaluation in order to find the correct bonus value

Mark L. Rivers

I'm curious to see which will be the first bonus for Speedgate XSD and Nissan Skyline...  :)


Quote from: Mark L. Rivers on December 20, 2008, 01:30:42 PM

I'm curious to see which will be the first bonus for Speedgate XSD and Nissan Skyline...  :)
I guess Speedgate's will be lower than IMSA and higher than Indy. Skyline will be between IMSA and the rest.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


i am very happy with what you have done. it can accel pretty good. i like it.


ok then, 3 extra cars confirmed for the 2009 season. Congratulations and thanks to Cody & Duplode!


I removed the old link to the 1.6 Ranger, so that anyone wandering by these threads won't risk downloading the version with bugged scoreboard entries (I suppose we can safely assume the three people that downloaded the older file have already updated to the new .RES via ZakStunts or the "new cars in 2009 thread). For the sake of completeness, here is a replacement .zip, equivalent to the one already available at ZakStunts.