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Generations - (2024-03-17)

Started by alanrotoi, March 11, 2024, 01:00:30 AM

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The first live event of the year is coming the 17th of March! (Next Sunday) in the Chatroom. The time is the following:

09:00 Buenos Aires
09:00 São Paulo
12:00 London
13:00 Amsterdam
13:00 Rome
13:00 Budapest
22:00 Brisbane

The car for this race will be Melange XGT-88... ALL OF THEM! Yes, we'll race with all versions of Melange. Why? I saw there was a confusion here and there of wich is the official version of the car so I finally decided to build the official version: Melange XGT-88 1.0 . As always the 1.0 version only had a small 3d shape enhancement.
The idea is to have all the versions racing in the same race. The version 1.0 will inherit the ID "CDOR" while the other versions will be assigned with similar IDs only revealed the day of the race. All the versions has the same performance and physical characteristics, the only changes are aesthetic in the dashboard and the 3d shape.
The versions are:
  • Melange XGT-88 (2003) - Stressed didn't exist so I used the 3d shape of Acura and the LM-002 dashboard's. It has digital speedometer of course.
  • Melange XGT-88 (2012) - CTG's version. He caught very well the spirit and the meaning of the car and made an excellent version.
  • Melange XGT-88 19th Anniversary - commemorative version meant to be the final version but still had some details.
  • Melange XGT-88 v1.0 - Official and definitive version of Melange. It's a stylized version of 19th Anniversary and fixed those details. Shared below in a zip file.

Please feel free to choose any of these versions for the race but please let's try to have one of each at least.

The track is GENERATIONS a fast and easy track that will be shared in the following days but you can check the flyer below. The cars will be shared the same day of the race because of the change of the car ID but meanwhile you can test drive any version while all of them has the same performance.

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Race summary:
Winner: Duplode
Man of the Race: Kylie and Duplode 107 jumps each.
Fastest lap: Overdrijf and Duplode: 0:49.35

1st Duplode (107 jumps)
2nd Alan Rotoi (105 jumps)
3rd Overdrijf (103 jumps)
4th dreadnaut (100 jumps)
5th KyLiE (107 jumps)
6th Erik Barros (101 jumps)
7th Cas (72 jumps)

It was the big race for Duplode. He was in every possible prize, shared or not :D
Congratulations guys and thank you for participating! It was a fun race!


2012 green for me, the one I did an academy episode with.


Great! I'll go vintage: 2003 model, dark grey  8)


I like 2021 version, but I won't be able to race this event  :'(
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

Erik Barros

Great Scott!!! I will pick up the 2021 Brown one!!


I'll grab the 2024 in yellow!  Alan, I know you like yellow too, so let me know if you want to reserve it for yourself!
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Thank you! Since all versions has at least one pick I'll pick the v1.0 and a color nobody used so no problem with it. As manager of the event I'll adapt to the pipsqueaks selections. :)


I'm in! I'll go for the traditional 2012 edition — I has a soft spot for the target dashboard! Purple color, please 8)


1 day left for the start!! I'll publish the track in few hours.


This is the track for tomorrow. Almost the same track with a couple elements changed. Take a look and give a try for tomorrow! Remember the car is Melange.

The rules will be the same. Race as many as laps possible. We'll have 12 minutes to make a 8 minutes replay.


Count me in!  I'll use version 1.0 in red. :)


Tomorrow before the race I'll share a Stunts version with the track and all Melange versions installed. You'll only have to select the track and the Melange version you chose.

Details: the ID of every melange version were changed but the new version will keep the "CDOR" id. You'll find the versions in correlative order in the showroom.


Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Quote from: alanrotoi on March 16, 2024, 06:50:02 PMDetails: the ID of every melange version were changed but the new version will keep the "CDOR" id. You'll find the versions in correlative order in the showroom.

I think I'll race with the standard CDOR version then. I feel uncomfortable leaving replays around pointing to single-event cars 😅

Still purple though!


Stunts with all Melange versions and the track.