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Started by BonzaiJoe, October 30, 2002, 11:37:25 PM

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Our names...  :D  ...with the meaning of Bonzai Joe  :wink:


And what about Argammon's, Gutix's and Diesel Joe's name? :)


And what about Dark Chaser, AbuRaf or Paleke's nick too :?:


My name...
One might think it would have something to do with the car I drive. But that's not the reaseon. Well, we had a Citroen AX for some years, and I liked it (we had to give it away some weeks ago, after 250.000 km it didn't want anymore :cry:), but at the time when my nickname was created, I didn't even think about REAL car driving :lol:.
Name's origin unfortunately is no real interesting one. It was at the time, when some friends and me began to play some games via LAN or Internet. We brought 3 computers onto the attic of one us us and then we played games, favourite ones were GTA and Team Fortress Classic. Sometimes we played online with 2 PCs via ONE 56K-connection! :lol: Aaargh, our TFC clan REALLY sucked! :mrgreen:
This was the time where I was searching for a nickname. I changed very often at the beginning, but I don't know them anymore. Only one of them: FarmerTed! :lol: Some of you might remember something now... FarmerTed? DieselJoe? Yes, it were names of some of the enemies in another nice racing game, Death Rally! There was a time when we played it pretty often,  I simply liked the names and chose them for me.

DieselJoe survived among all the others. :)
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JTK - two things to say about my nick:

1. In former times when I was young (old JTK sais) in high scores you could only type in three letters. So on a besoin d'un three-letter-name.
2. I always liked a very special captain of a very special space ship called "Enterprise"...  :-D

Nowadays especially in the www JTK is a very common name so I only but still use it for games. My other nick I normally use in the internet is Okatjerute.

P.S.: Zak, could you please post a voice file containg "Mustafa Fitoska Tivadar B?lajos?d?nguszt?vazul?szl?luk?csongortaksony"?  :shock:


Aburaf's nick is something like:

Abu = Abuelo = Grandfather
Raf = Rafaela = a city from Argentina
70 = Age


Quote from: "CTG"And what about Argammon's, Gutix's and Diesel Joe's name? :)

An insane friend of mine  :-D puts me the nick "guti", and then my friends starts to call me like this. The "X" marks the treasure :shock:


Quote from: "Gutix"An insane friend of mine  :-D
Why do I think this friend is El Portador de Luz ?

Quote from: "Gutix"The "X" marks the treasure :shock:
I always knew that you're a X-Man.


My nickname comes from Uhrin, my family name. Once in the dormitory of grammar school, my roommates talked about Nostradamus who predicted the whole further history of mankind in the Middle Ages. As they said, he had only one mistake: he wrote the name of Hitler as "Histler" or "Hisler". I never believed in such things, so I asked if he had predictions about a Slovak dictator called "Usrin" (which would have meant me) - and this name (easier to spell than Uhrin) has stuck to me.
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Lol, Nostradamus didn't predict anything :D I think the "Histler" thing was not his only mistake, but maybe the only time he came closer to guessing the name of an important person :)
But we can't be quite sure.


My roommates also said that Nostradamus "predicted" the end of the world, what would have had to happen in 1999. (I've got my nickname in the schoolyear 1997/98.) :-)
Colour of living being is determined by the gene.


What is L in Mark L. Rivers? :)


L? Italy? Luigi! ;D
"Why can't we not be sober?"


Mark L. Rivers

Quote from: CTG on June 15, 2007, 07:37:11 PM
What is L in Mark L. Rivers? :)

It's not "Luigi"...  :D   even if it would be not very bad "Mark Lewis (equivalent for Luigi) Rivers", above all after last F1 results...  :)

Anyway, "L" it's not an initial of a proper name...
OK, I said yet too much...  ;)