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Started by Argammon, April 01, 2002, 10:00:00 AM

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I had the idea to compare the top 3 times  by looking at certain 'spots' from Roys replay

and comparing the 2nd and 3rd's place time.

The results are somewhat interesting because Roy wasn't the fastest on all parts of the track

and Bonzai lost 2nd place due to a horrible jump.

     Roy  Bonzai Arg

1: 19.05   19.00 (-0.05) 19.20 (+0.15)   -Bonzai was the fastest here !

2: 29.25   29.45 (+0.20) 29.80 (+0.55)   -Roy took over the lead but Boonzai is still close.Arg should have driven this part more often as his time is crap.

3: 41.60   42.20 (+0.60) 42.95 (+1.35!)  -Bonzai losing ground,Arg is as bad as Otto on elevated roads!

4: 50.95   51.65 (+0.70) 52.35 (+1.40)   -Kinda unimportant part of the track but Roy is still a bit faster than the opposition here.

5: 1.11.35 1.13.00 (+1.65) 1.13.05 (+1.70)  -Bonzai has to work on his jump skills,he lost 0,70 to Arg so Arg comes very close to him.Winner is descided:Roy

6: 1.27.90 1.29.70 (+1.80) 1.29.55 (+1.65) -The part I have invested most time into earns me 2nd place    ) At least I'm faster than Roy here.

And now we get to know who was the fastest on certain parts of the track    

       best time 2nd best 3rd best  

1 part    Bonzai    Roy      Arg

2 part    Roy       Bonzai   Arg

3 part    Roy       Bonzai   Arg

4 part    Roy       Arg      Bonzai

5 part    Roy       Arg      Bonzai

6 part    Arg       Roy      bonzai

Roy has the best overall time,Bonzai has a strong beginning and Arg has a strong ending.

If anyone else wants to have his replays included send them to my e-mail. I am especially interested in 4th - 6th place!

Edited by: Argammon at: 4/1/02 10:18:04 am

Bonzai Joe

Yeah the problem is you keep the speed you gain in that jump from about 1.04 to 1.18, which is quite some time.... interesting statistics.

ben snel

I do this all the time at home, with my own races and those of you

You get my replay!!!

I printed your comments and I'm gonna look at them with the replays on my screen


COOOOOOOOOL Statistics, you get my replay too.

But all of you should never forget: Never trust a statistic you hav'nt counterfeit by yourself. Edited by: DukeBismarck   at: 4/1/02 4:37:06 pm


Statistics! #2

I will only comment on Ben Snels and Bismarcks replays compared to the top 3 this time.

Roy Bonzai Arg Ben Bismarck

1: 19.05 19.00 (-0.05) 19.20 (+0.15) 19.00 (-0.05) 18.65 (-0.40!) While Ben is as fast as Bonzai Bismarck seems to have rocket acceleration

2: 29.25 29.45 (+0.20) 29.80 (+0.55) 29.45 (+0.20) 29.05 (-0.20)  Ben and Bonzai are still racing head to head while Roy starts to come closer to Bismarck.

3: 41.60 42.20 (+0.60) 42.95 (+1.35!) 42.20 (+0.60) 41.55 (-0.05) Bismarck and Bonzai still head to head! Roy seems to be best driver on elevated roads as he comes very close to Bismarcks time.All times taken together make Arg look especially bad here!

4: 50.95 51.65 (+0.70) 52.35 (+1.40) 52.15 (+1.20) 50.90 (-0.05) Ben Snel loses 0.50 to all other drivers on this easy and straight part of the track!Why? I have no idea!

5: 1.11.35 1.13.00 (+1.65) 1.13.05 (+1.70) 1.13.65 (+2.30) Ben is doing the same jump as Bonzai but still loses some time to him.Bismarck did not find the shortcut.

6: 1.27.90 1.29.70 (+1.80) 1.29.55 (+1.65) 1.30.25 (+2.35) Ben has a strong ending,he actually wins time against Bonzai here and is nearly as fast as Roy. Bismarck is still driving the long way while the other drivers are having a good cool beer :P

Comments:If Bismarck had found the shortcut he might have been 1st this month it would have surely been an interesting head to head race!

Bonzai is only 0.55 faster than Ben.If Ben hadn't mysteriously lost 0.50 on the straightway it would have been a head to race between him and Bonzai fighting for the 3rd place!

And now we get to know who was the fastest on certain parts of the track

best time 2nd best 3rd best 4th best 5th best

1 part Bismarck Bonzai/Ben Roy Arg

2 part Roy Bismarck Bonzai/Ben Arg

3 part Roy Bismarck Bonzai/Ben Arg

4 part Roy/Bismarck Arg Bonzai Ben

5 part Roy Arg Bonzai Ben Bismarck

6 part Arg Roy Ben Bonzai Bismarck

If anyone else wants to have his replays included send them to my e-mail. I am especially interested in 4th - 6th place!

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

I want to be me 1:30,95 replay analyzed. Where can i find your e-mail address to send that 6th place replay to yoz???

508.21 km

Bonzai Joe

Take a look at the "pipsqueaks and Teams" section. Put your mouse where it says "Argammon" and look in the bottom left part of your screen  

ben snel

that is: all the fastest pieces of everybody put together, would give a time of about 1:26,90.

I had my own chequepoints, different from that of argammon, those of Roy being: 875,1280,2090,2655,3050,3985,4910,5585,0180,0830, 1135,1770,2125,2790


If somebody was here from the beginning, then he can remember, that I made suchstatistics with a graph in the first 2 months. Now I don`t have enough time for this, but it would look great on a graph made in excel.

Argammon: what about doing these statistics every month, I would send you the first 6 replays (or even 10 if you want  )?  


Bonzai Joe

I remember, and I really miss it.

@Ben Snel: Were those the times when you saved your replay?


ben snel

no, just the points were I had to be faster than the calculated time. Often these points are at the beginning of jumps, or curves.

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Thank ya Bonzai Joe. I'll send my replay to him.

508.21 km


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9 Brazil
5 Argentina
2 Hungary
1 Netherlands
1 Denmark
1 France
1 Finland
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This gives me an idea.... Could it be that ZakStunts had a "virtual host country" for each season/year?  We should think more of what that would mean, though, ha, ha, because I have no idea :-p
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It would be kind of cool to do some event with national/regional/continental teams sometime. Changing things up. Like maybe a world championship ones every two years. ;)