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No replay-handling competition

Started by pArAnOXxX, June 08, 2002, 08:00:00 PM

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What do you think? A Bside of the ISA competition could be cool! Real racing!



Ok, now there are a few drivers, who want to have a no-replay-handling cup. So we will make one!

My suggestion: Beside the replay-file you will also have to send the highscore-file. This will at least prove that you didn't use review-mode. The other part of provement will be trusting each other. We will start this no-replay-handling cup in July. What modus should we use? Do you want to have a normal competition, or a K.O.-System? Or something like groups and later a K.O.-System?


Of course it will count for the ISA-Worldranklist.

Bonzai Joe

16 drivers, 4 groups, 2 advance from each, then Cup. I'm a killer without replay handling, so I guess it will be hard to trust that I didn't use it...

Anyway great idea!


good idea for the Highscore file.. and i think that we can trust each other.. no problem for me

i was thinking about, simply, same thing of the current competion but two scoreboard...

so we send two replays... and we get one score for each scoreboard..  and the points are compiled in one big scoreboard...

what do you think?


What does it really mean replay handling? I thought it means the fact when I save the replay until I drive. But I have an other idea also: it means a lap where the scoreboard writes a (cont) next to your time. Which is the real answer?  

Bonzai Joe

Replay handling is when you save and load a replay in the middle of a track. You can also rewind and continue a replay, but you can check on that by using the "rplinfo" program. Those replays will be disqualified.... Right?


These Guys dream the old dream of driving a track once, without pressing ESC.

This is definitly not controllable, but i am looking forward to it, because it needs less time.

Let's see, how long this competition will last, at least if the first cheaters enter...

Bonzai Joe

I am perfectly aware that they are dreaming that dream. And I am not sure if I can trust everyone here, but heck, I'll try. I trust most of you anyway.


With the hig(highscore)-file you can just control if somebody used the rewind trick, because if he used it, he can't get a highscore. Of you course you can't control if somebody saves the replay in the middle and drives again from this point. But at least we will make it harder to use replay-handling. Those, who will still use r.h. or other cheating methods, are not honest to themselve and unfair to the other drivers, such people shouldn't have a place in the stuntsworld!

Here is the modus for the No-replay-handling Cup:

No-replay-handling Cup modus

The Winner of the No-replay-handling Cup will get 200 points for the Worldranklist. Here are the points you get for the ISA-WRL:

1 - 200

2 - 160

3 - 120

4 - 100

5 - 90

6 - 80

7 - 72

8 - 64

9 - 58

10 - 52

11 - 48

12 - 44

13 - 40

14 - 36

15 - 32

16 - 30

17 - 28

18 - 26

19 - 24

20 - 22

21 or worse - 20

Remember that the Cup will have the ISA-Rules.

Bismarck, I hope you will enter.  

pArAnO, if this Cup will be a success, we will make a BSides of our Championship next year in the way you have suggested.


I don't agree with qualifying system. It would be unfair for worse drivers (like me   ) So I suggest a race without that. Anyway, I'm fond of driving without r.h., because it kills the really enjoyable game!


Sorry for the misunderstanding!!!

I didn't meant a qualifying where you have to qualify for the CUP, but a Qualifying like in Formula 1. Everybody who will join the qualifying will be automatically qualified for the CUP, no matter what time he has. Depending on his position he will be set in a special group.

juank 23

i think this is going to be the most interesant part of all stunts history, i am very happy, and i think i can trust all of you to be honest, bonzai you told that you are a killer in no replay handling, can you show us how fast you are?

please run adelaide without replay handling and send me the time please, ill be looking forward for your talented time , again thanks and GREAT IDEA ????????        


WOW! great idea  no replayhandling, but I think I suck at no-replayhandling  

I haven't tried it much though!

Wow, it'll be cool to battle for the 7th place