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Started by Anonymous, March 04, 2002, 03:00:00 PM

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Please write your impressions about the Glasgow.trk here.

Is it too hard or too easy?

What?s about the length, the design and so on?

Flame the track!!!  


After you read the rules   it's a nice track !

Not too hard or too easy, just fine  

Bonzai Joe

I really like it. It offers a lot of possibilities even though you can't leave the road. What more can I say?  


I think it's just a bit too hard for my driving skill  

I'll make sure that the next Championship track is built by me.  



juank 23

i think its a medium level track it offers a pilot a lot of opportunities of improving or losing time, a important thing about the track is sending replays, please all of you send some times to see average  


Hi Juank23!

There are no times on the scoreboard without Bonzais 1:32,80, because we got 4 replays and we had to disqualify 3 of them. They just made little shortcuts, but we have strict rules. The average time will be about 1:35-1:40. The winner time around 1:30.

To all the other drivers:

Please watch your replay before you send it, if there?s a shortcut/air-shortcut, please don?t send the replay, because it will save us a lot of time. Thanx to all the guys who support our site. I hope Argammon and Bismarck will join us too, even they don?t like us.