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Automatical Scoreboard-Update for new Replays

Started by DukeBismarck, January 27, 2002, 12:00:00 AM

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Hi Zak!

I have read about your plans to update the Scoreboard automatically, if new replays arrives. !!!GOOD PLAN!!!

I have also thought about it, so i decoded the RPL-File-Structure nearly complete and I plan to do it for all Stunts-FileTypes, so it will once be possible to create a Car-Editor(for the CarOutfit, the Cockpits and the Driving-Behavior) or anything else (for example to make a Citroen AX    or a Saporoshez 968A(that?s one of my enervation's)).

But as far as I have seen, there is is no Byte, that saves whether a Replay is continued from a point, that is not the endpoint or not. So do you have a possibility to check whether a Replay is made with "legal" Replay-Handling or not? Edited by: DukeBismarck   at: 1/26/02 12:15:48 pm


I have the filestructure of the rpl, trk and hig decoded, from other sources we have the car performances.

If you could decode the car`s 3d shape that`d be really cool, but it seems impossible for me.

I also miss opponent blaster for stunts 1.1, it exists for 1.0, I think I`ll make it, if I have enough time.

Saporoshez? Here it`s called Zaporozsec (spelled almost the same.  , and you can buy one (if you still find one) for 50 Euro.   I especially like the heating in it.  

there is a fan-page of it at it may be slow or unaccessible from outside Hungary.  

Btw, I started to wrote about autoupdate. The rpl saves the continued/not continued state, so that`s no problem, but without the main program you don`t see if the driver has penalty or not. We could only know it, if we`d have the complete source of the physical model of stunts. If we`d have it, we could create an external replay viewer too, but we don`t have it, and we`ll never get it.  (

So Auto-update is a possiblity only for short times, when I don`t have time to update. The replays MUST be checked by the race coordinator(s) because of the penalty, and possible cheating. And if we`d have auto update, then who would write such cool things on the startpage?  )



What is the TRK format? I know which bytes are where, and in what order the track pieces are stored (from Lukas Loehrer's site) but which byte values represent which track piece? I started to find out for myself, but if you already have this information, I would like to know about it.

Here you can see the pieces I already decoded:


This a PDF-File, that contains all my little knowledge about the TRK- and RPL-Files. Maybe it will answer some of your Questions.

StuntsDocumentation(still incomplete)

If somebody knows more, let my know about, please.

 Edited by: DukeBismarck   at: 3/14/02 1:23:06 pm


Thank you, this is very helpful! Eventually I plan to develop a Stunts track editor that would include some extra features.

I notice that for the terrain you do not have the normal grass piece there. It's 00, I assume.

If I happen to find out anything more about the format, I'll tell you, but I don't think I will.


Quote from: ZakKrack on January 26, 2002, 09:00:00 PM
If you could decode the car`s 3d shape that`d be really cool, but it seems impossible for me.

Not a good prediction.

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