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McLaren Honda MP4/4

Started by Zapper, September 03, 2011, 02:47:48 PM

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Hi Stunters!

I'm back again with to bring a new car, the successful McLaren Honda Mp4/4 F1 '88 season car.

Zip file is just below attached ;)

Latest version:
You cannot view this attachment. (dashboard fix replay controls)


Spliting in 2 posts to show all the screenshots and tell more about it.

This car was naturally based on Porsche March Indy, just for speeding up the 3d modelling process. It has 2 colour schemes but only for the helmet to represent Senna's ans Prost's helmet  ;).

The dash was made using some bits of the Porsche's dash, but almost created from some photos taken from the real car on the Internet (quite challenging but regretful). I was pleased to bring a (inovative?) bar rev counter on a car for Stunts, it's nice but i wish it could be thicker and more curvier than rectilinear but it works fine although it has some flickering because of steering wheel's dot.

The performance specs were adapted to the most that I could search from "" site (and others) and a pdf document that I surprisingly found with an official engine performance report.

In game experience, it preforms greatly, it is the fastest 0-60Mph runner (against official cars). It's light weight, curves more, breaks better, but less top speed than the main in game rival the Porsche March Indy.

Feel free to comment and criticize.



Wow, that's a masterpiece Zapper! It must be said that it's a joy to drive it, too, being such a responsive car. And the rev meter was a really clever touch. *Applause*  8)


I love it! I must get some racing with it as soon as possible
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


Once again, zapper, that's just smashing! 8)


I'm pleased to know that this car was well received by the comunity!

If there is any chance to let it race in any competition, I will be glad!  ;)


Awesome looking ! Does it have powergear (either indy-like or NSX-like one) ?
Great work by the way, powergear or not. :D


No, it has no power gear bug. It does just 222mph on rev limiter after jumps, 212mph on flat surface. But it is -200 faster than any oficial car.


Wow Im AMAZED!!! By the way does this car can be used for leagues or ordinary races? It's legal right?

GREAT CAR man, I'm returning at Stunts!
Stunts full crazy man with top perfomance from backwards!


It is legal, but not included in the official car set for ZakStunts 2012, so this year you can only use it for your own pleasure.
Next season we plan to add additional cars to the set - including of course this one :)


Great, now It's time to practise again (I will have IE connection all the year this time). ;)
Stunts full crazy man with top perfomance from backwards!


In order to fix a glitch (as mentioned by Argammon's post) that affects game's replay control presentation, I'd to change a little bit the position of the side mirrors part on car's dashboard in order to lift the non opaque part it.

You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.

So I've modified STDAZMP4.VSH file and released a new version 1.1 of McLaren Honda MP4/4 car. (It should be OK to use in competition since no changes were made in RES file)


Cool! When you have the time please update the wiki article too!


Clever, fixes half of the flicker too. Even if the look-through effect was very cool.