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A new car i made.... crashes my DOSbox.

Started by Grijze Pilion, June 03, 2012, 04:45:56 PM

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Grijze Pilion


i edited a Lancia Delta to make it look modern, renamed it Letnea Derpa GTi HyBrid, but it crashed my game.
Could somebody please fix it? (Attached)


First and foremost, by looking at your .RES file I guess you edited it with the Windows build of Stressed. That version can't handle CAR*.RES files properly, as it discards the car performance data. The recommended way of dealing with CAR*.RES files is with CarBlaster, a DOS program which you can find at ZakStunts' download page. I used it to make a CARLAN2.RES which roughly corresponds to your intentions. I recommend you to get CarBlaster (just drop it into your Stunts folder and load it from DOSBox) and experiment with it. As a side note, here are some CarBlaster oddities you should be aware of to avoid needless frustration:

  • The "Load car" menu option of CarBlaster refuses to load cars with custom graphics; so the recommended way of loading your cars is to first load one of the default cars and then use F9/F10 to cycle through the cars until you get to the one you want to edit
  • Sometimes (specially when saving from the main menu) CarBlaster will recreate *.P3S and *.PVS files for your car. That is annoying if you are customizing graphics, as these files have precedence over the *.3SH and *.VSH ones created by Stressed. So if after using CarBlaster your graphics seem to vanish, just delete those newly-created *.P3S and *.PVS.
  • Finally, if you are interested in changing car performance and other CAR*.RES settings with CarBlaster, keep in mind that the program is fifteen years old, and so the descriptions of the parameters in it are somewhat outdated; so you will probably want to use as a guide.

Another thing that may be causing you trouble are files and file names. The car-identifying part of the file names must have four characters, so CARLANC2.RES won't do - you should change the names to something like CARLAN2.RES, STLAN2.3SH, etc. Also, ensure you have provided all four files which make up a car, either by editing them yourself or copying from some other car. For instance, if you don't want to customize the dashboard right now you can just copy STDALANC.PVS and STDBLANC.PVS (the dashboard bitmaps from Lancia) and rename them to STDALAN2.PVS and STDBLAN2.PVS .

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask us however many questions you wish!

Edit: Oops, I had forgotten to attach the file...

Grijze Pilion

First of all:
Thanks! I really like it how i got helpful replies with everything i need to know within a day - and the forum isn't even that large!

I've been welcomed and introduced in a community in just 2 days! By the way; did you like the car (and it's derpy name)?

EDIT: ...wut? The program is fifteen years old?? I was thinking modding was 'invented' the 1999-2001 period!

EDIT2: I can't find .P3S or .PVS files, and Stunts (with the lower quality music, buek!) asks me 'to check the disk'.


The 3D model file itself is valid on my dosbox. I renamed your file to STLAN2.3SH (as Duplode mentioned, only 4 letter codes are allowed), used his CARLAN2.RES and copied the STDALANC.PVS and STDBLANC.PVS in my stunts folder to STDALAN2.PVS and STDBLAN2.PVS (these are unedited copies of the lancia files, ones you edit them you cannot save the files as a .PVS, only as .vsh, so you'll need to replace these files.)

I attached the files I used (except for Duplode's CARLAN2.RES) to this post, can you tell us if they work on your version of Stunts?

Grijze Pilion


The four "LAN2" files in this thread should be enough to make it load (I tried it here and it works). If you are getting "check disk" errors on car selection, that might be due to leftover files from the previous attempts (CARLANC2.RES and such) - ensure there aren't any lying around.

Edit: One thing we didn't ask yet is which version of Stunts you are running - using Stunts 1.0 instead of 1.1 might cause trouble. In all likelihood, however, you are using 1.1; the STLANC.P3S from 1.0 can't even be opened with Stressed...