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Stunts Chat / Hermann Tilke Jr. (RacerBG)
July 18, 2011, 03:09:40 PM
Well I had maded after my default circuit record laps ofcourse :D a new circuits for our beautiful game called Stunts. 8)

I had builded 3 tracks so far: one oval, one city track and one sky track (mostly).

I had tried to prevent chesting on them and also I had added many details to them using only the build in TE.

Feel free to comment on them, testing and give suggestions guys. :)
Stunts Chat / A league wanted!
July 18, 2011, 03:01:01 PM
Well....I had thinked a lot and now I think I should join in 1 league. But my problem is that I cant choose exactly which one. Because Im  a totally new driver at Stunts with only 4-5 hours of playing and Im thinking where to join after all?

I have stunts09 from zak stunts and un modded cars (btw my favorite is the indycar), and also I can participate maybe after 1st of September because I havent got and internet connection. From then I will have for about 9 months. 8)

So feel free to give me suggestions 9which maybe I will read in 1st of September. ;D
Stunts Chat / A newbie achievments and fails!
July 08, 2011, 10:08:00 AM
After 1-2 hours racing that was my achievments yesterday and my FAIL today at the finish line!!!!!! How I can crash exact here????? ;D ;D ;D

Stunts Questions / Hiii Im new driver here!
July 07, 2011, 06:30:04 PM
Hi guys Im new driver and full noob also here. ;D

Well lets begin: My name is Georgi Todorov and Im from Bulgaria. Im 17 years old younger by Stunts fan of this game. I had discovered it before 1 week and I just love it. Its very good just amazing game. Now I was eager to find any stuff for downloading and community for this game and voala here is it. Im a fan of old games no matter what genre but racing is my favorite. For first time Im playing so old stunts game and I must say that this is very good game for its year.

Now Im learning how to play it and I want to ask you some questions:
I have BB V.1.1 and I have 1 issue: My game dont remember my settings why? Everytime I must setup it again......
Im using DOSBOX 0.74 to run it but does its from me or I experience lagg when I play it?
The controls seems to be a little harder for a newbie can you suggest for me a good car for beggining?
How can I browse through my tracks directory? It seems like its not possible? - PROBLEM SOLVED
How to edit car shapes and textures?
How to edit the whole game stuff if its editable?
From where to get the whole game manual?
I had downloaded the game from classic gaming network - does this is fine?
I have in my directory also 4D.exe file but my game is still by Brotherbund?

Maybe thats all for now. I will ask you if I have more questions.

Sorry for so many questions but they pop up in my mind every second. ;D

Happy Racing from Bulgaria! 8)