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Thought this may be of some interest here - I did some experiments converting some of the DOS custom cars to Amiga, details are at English Amiga Board.

I don't know if I'll do any more on the project, I got stuck on the dashboard graphics (which seem to be crunched in a custom format, and presumably are VERY different to the DOS format anyway). But in brief, I discovered:

- The resource files are identical to the DOS format, excepting that the byte order of words and longwords is flipped for the Motorola M68K processor.

- 3D shapes are almost identical (word/longword flipping not withstanding) except that the "reserved" part of the structure can have a value, and vertices are four words instead of three.
Having said that - I think they are just junk values, and the additional word of data on vertices is probably just to keep data aligned at multiples of 8.