Herr Otto Partz says you're all nothing but pipsqueaks!

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Competition 2005 / ZCT 54 - Never forget
August 17, 2005, 12:53:12 AM
This is only the reflection of the big trouble is going to happen. The Stunts Gods are preparing a mass attack to conquer the earth. The human pipsqueaks must be united to this attack.

You only see about countries or teams, you don't know nothing about life. So fasten your seatbelts forget this fights and race stupid humans.
Stunts Chat / How to perform strong man Stunts!
January 25, 2005, 01:35:42 AM
Buy this book weak humans, you are all weak so you need it! We sell them in the Stunts Oracle Temple and we accept most of the credit cards, ATM cards, eChecks or online payment methods.

This book was written by Ottley R. Coulter. It is the secret name he uses when he writes.

Buy it now. It is your only hope to make a descent replay.
Chat - Misc / Stunts Oracle Team
December 31, 2004, 12:41:32 AM
I must say the Stunts Gods are very angry because I was fired from MeganiuM Team. So I will build a new team with my first teen priestess Agustina.

More pics are comming... Beware humans, the Wrath of the God is comming!!!!
Competition 2004 / ZCT44 - Euro Zone
November 05, 2004, 03:01:32 AM
Stop talking and race weak humans. I rule this world and you will never win.
Competition 2004 / ZCT43 - Broken Wing
October 07, 2004, 02:52:00 PM
Stop saying your spamming results, you weak human!
Competition 2004 / Dark Chaser will be away for 14 days
October 01, 2004, 08:36:56 AM
Please Dark Chaser stop sending me your replays. I'm not your team-mate and I don't want your weak spamming replays...
Competition 2004 / ZCT42 - The Meaning of Life
August 24, 2004, 02:07:33 AM
Of course I can reach the podium weak mortal! Prepare your soul and regret of your sins because the Doomsday is soon...
Stunts Chat / Im back in action!
June 20, 2004, 01:04:00 AM
Tom, if you have any doubt about tricks or shortcuts please feel free to visit me in my temple ;)
Stunts Chat / Insane or maniac?
May 10, 2004, 05:13:58 PM
I'll check it CTG. But for example I raced 1 in Stunts Brasileiro ;)

And I raced 21 times in Zak's stunts: 17 as Alan Rotoi and 4 as Stunts Oracle.
Stunts Chat / Insane or maniac?
May 10, 2004, 12:30:03 AM
I raced more races than 69 ;)
Stunts Chat / Keyboards
May 09, 2004, 12:41:12 AM
Yeah! BTC-53 series from Taiwan rules!! I bought it 2 years ago for ARG$2 it would be ?0.66 :) I almost buy two but they were too expensive LOL!

PS: funny! I used the wrong user :D
3rd IMSA Cup 2004 / General infos
May 08, 2004, 08:16:28 AM
Stunts Gods ask when this competition will start. You pathetic mortal are late!
Competition 2004 / ZCT38 - Evil Twins
May 08, 2004, 07:57:03 AM
Ok guys, I'm back ;)
Chat - Misc / Avatar Fight
March 04, 2004, 09:24:34 PM
I'm sorry my 98-60-90 can't be showed in a small scale
World Stunts Meeting 2004 / Tell us about it...
March 04, 2004, 07:06:04 PM
Quote from: "JTK"Oh yeah - now I can imagine us sitting around a huge round table with a white blanket, two fingers on the gear shifting keys, three fingers on the arrow keys being fed and filled with sweetest drinks by good lokking young waitresses...

Oh, Zak, you are a very good host  :wink:

I love when men use their fingers but let me manage the gear shifting ;)