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Track Design Contest 2002 / your track
November 24, 2002, 06:00:07 AM
I only received it today, no other mails.

It will be added today too.
Track Design Contest 2002 / Three Islands
November 23, 2002, 11:05:20 PM
awaiting your comments...

Competition 2002 / ZCT 20
November 19, 2002, 10:17:51 PM
Quote from: "CTG"Is it sure that we can use Indy on the last track of 2002???

is there another car? :)
Track Design Contest 2002 / Canyon
November 18, 2002, 08:04:18 PM
awaiting your comments...
Track Design Contest 2002 / Crop Circle
November 18, 2002, 08:03:56 PM
awaiting your comments...
Team Zone / rulez
November 18, 2002, 07:00:11 PM
its cool!
agyon?t. :)

I'll add a link ofkoz, make a great banner for me first!

Competition 2002 / Changing teams
November 11, 2002, 05:09:00 PM
Whatever you do, please decide fast to carry/not to carry points, because nowadays I'm coding the 2003 system, and if pipsqueaks don't carry points, it's much more complicated.

And before you decide, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think as a beginner too.
You join in january, achieve quite good results, but you only form a team in april. Whatever your results are, there's no chance to win the team competition.

Maybe when you join a team, if you change your points doesn't count, but if it's your first team, your prev. scores count?

Please comment.
Track Design Contest 2002 / Re: my opinion
November 10, 2002, 06:24:32 PM
Quote from: "Leo Ramone"
Quote from: "zaqrack"It's a great base for a better track.

:arrow: I maked this track in a time faster than 5 minutes...
Wait for a track made in some hours... :x

You have 5 days to send it... :))
Competition 2003 / Wishlist & Application
November 10, 2002, 06:21:28 PM
Quote from: "Vlad"
Pro who doesn't race should ALL BE RELEGATED. And the Pro
league should always be with a fix amount of pipsqueak. So, if 4 Pro
doesn't race, i'll be in the Pro league next month, because 4
amateur will be promoted.
this is just a fantastic ide, we'll use this system for sure. :)

Competition 2003 / Re: About the rules
November 10, 2002, 06:03:20 PM
Quote from: "Mingva"Let's comment here the rules which will be in Amateur League. Of course, I hope not to be there, but sometime I was beginner too, and now I want to protect their rights as well.

Ranking is partly based on the pipsqueaks average ranking and partly on the race number they took part in. This means that you can have great results, if you join in the middle of the year.

Bullshit!!! Better see Season Results: Eddie, LQR and Bolo joined after the middle of the year, gained some points, BUT THEY ARE BEHIND OTHERS WHO HAS 0 (zero) POINTS, because of "ranking based on the race number". It means - more races, better positions.

The rules will be reviewed and corrected, pls. write your suggestions.
But don't forget that this weird situation is mainly because of the computer drivers, but they won't race next year.

And don't forget, if we rely too much on average ranking, then there's an even worse situation: sy wins one tracks, and wins the season. And definitely it won't be worth to send in weak times, which is not a healthy thing.
I rather see some pipsqueaks with 0 points before people with points, than see no replays at all, because pipsqueaks send only good times in, and not the weaks.

so when you change your league, ALL THE PREVIOUS SCOREBOARDS CHANGE.

Isn't it so complicated? What will be if Zak or someone else will make a mistake in the php code? How pipsqueaks will know, is they really have X points?
all the scoreboards change, but not the times. So you check out the archive, and check out a track's scores. It won't change, as the pro+amateur combined scoreboards won't change either, only separate pro & amateur scoreboards change.
It's strange, I agree, but I guess you'll like it after a while.
I`ll count a final year?s scoreboard for the pro, where everyone is present, who played at least 1 month in the pro. The top 10 forms the final pro?s table, anyone else is present at the amateur?s final table.

But then can be such situation: pipsqueak who allways was on low positions in pro, but not relegated to amateurs, can win Amateur league, because he is 11th in final table.
yep, this also has to be reviewed, I have an other version, who took part at least three times in the pro, finishes in the pro season's results. It's better than the other idea Ithink.

Competition 2003 / About the rules
November 10, 2002, 05:54:44 PM
Quote from: "Mingva"Yes, if will be based on points and average ranking, not additional points for race number.

well then it'll be based on this...

1. Stunts community isn't big enough to allow this to work properly. We need twenty pipsqueaks minimum, to split the race in two leagues of ten

we'll have twenty pipsqueaks at least next year, it's not a problem.

2. Points system will be a mess, noone understands it

why? you simply have to check the driver's division, and add together his points. Couldn't be simpler.

3. Some weird things will happen, and not the best driver will be in the best places

Again why? Pro is clean, in amateur it's the same mess as until now, I'm working on it.

4. Teams were four members, they will be two members

well, you asked for this one, I had nothing against 4 member teams, sy said it's more fair to have only 2 player teams, I said OK, why not. But if you'd like, then 1-2-3-4-5-6 member teams arer allowed, it's ok for me, but the conditions stay.
*1.6,*1,*0.7,*0.55,*0.48,*0.45   6 is the maximum members allowed.

5. It seems to split between serious pipsqueaks and non pipsqueaks. its awful

OK it splits A BIT, but there's no separation. What would be if F1, F3000, and F3 would race at the same time? Total chaos. And just please try to think about it as a newbie. Is it really so much fun to battle for 1 point, meanwhile the veterans take 6-10 easily?
Forum is common, B tracks are common, chat is common, stunts is common, results are partly separated. Where's the split? This is one community.

6. I dont feel like i never will drop in amateur league. Always the same will be in pro

that's ok.

7. No chance for those who cant play one or two month by accident to be efficient with great talent. no chance for someone who enters in may to fight for the world title in the end of the year, because it took him one month to enter the pro league.

yes, you have a point here, but we're planning for a long time. It was in mind to make competitions in 6 month periods, but I dropped the idea, because then winning a season wouldn't be such a big thing.
And I'm plannig in years. Until I don't forget the university (which I'll enter next year), you can count on my competition, so 6 more years is for sure.
Plenty of time to win a season, even if you join in 2003 may. :)

8. Not enough simple to remember something. If there is one race, everyone remember it, two races, u cant take part and interest in obth of them

I don't really got what you wanted to say with this. :-S

9. develop a team management game around stunts races would be a good idea. then, we would have a pro organization without pro pipsqueaks
10. transfers would be allowed, and teams can draft other scuderias pipsqueaks according to the ranking they earn in the past season.

well, I

But If nothing is done against it, we will suffer it one entire year. So lets think seriously about it before.

haha, do you really think that if it's really THAT bad, then it'll go for a year? I have/had some fears also about the pro/amateur league, but I got positive reactions from the 90% of the active pipsqueaks, and also the latest poll has also proved that dual-league will be a success. 4 pipsqueaks said that they'll join the amateur, altough they have never raced, and that's quite a lot!!!

Just imagine you're someone who's not so deeply into stunts, but found somehow my page, and want to try your skills. So you download the track, drive for some minutes, save your time, and what do you see? Your time is 30 secs worse than the leader's time. Will you send your time? I guess most of those who had the same experience, didn't send. And those are the people we would like to make stay. And they need a goal WITHIN REACH.
For example imagine F1Time (the racing manager game Mingva plays) with all the divisions together. Would it be more fun to battel for the 176th position, than to battle for the win in a lower league? And there's a league change possible only at the end of the season. Here every month.

I know you'll have fears, and I can't convince you, but I hope a half year later you can say that I had right. :)

ISA-IRC: General Chat / ISA World Ranking List
November 09, 2002, 08:10:47 AM
You can always query the pro standings, amateur standings of a month, as well the ombined standings of a month, because it may happen, that the 9th in pro has a weaker time than the 1st in the amateur.
ISA WRL should use that list.

Stunts Chat / Where is....?
November 09, 2002, 12:20:34 AM
I still know nothing about Bismarck, but Argammon just found me through ICQ, we chatted a bit, he is busy with the university, but he maybe returns soon. Can't wait!!!

Competition 2003 / Wishlist & Application
November 09, 2002, 12:17:56 AM
nooo, you misunderstood.

not two worst not counts.
ten best counts.

ok? :)