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Quote from: "CTG"Errrrr... two new faces, Aignur and Diesel Joe. I can't decide who is who on the picture. HELP! :D

Bottom row to the left is me. Top row in the middle is DieselJoe.
Quote from: "JTK"Big shit! My comp sort of broke down, I don't know if I can repair it tonight...  :(

One of mine needs a monitor and keyboard+mouse. I'm gonna need someone to bring those things, so if you have those in working order it would be great.
If the need arises I also have an old 486 I can pull out, but obviously it runs an old version of Windows (3.11) and it would need Stunts transferred to it by CD, since it has no way of accessing the internet =P

So with Jacky's computer and all mine that should be 4-5 machines. Will that do?

We still need a way to transport them from my apartment to Jacky's house though. It's no more than 2km through the city, but still abit far to carry it all...
Heh, thinking back on the times I've seen Jacky playing Stunts I doubt I can catch up to you guys that fast. But so far I've taken a step in the right direction - I've downloaded Stunts =P
We'll just have to see how much training I can get in the 2 days before the meeting...
Quote from: "zaqrack"now that i think of it it looks exactly like a bomb.
I'd rather not risk staying at the airport instead of the meeting, so would it be a problem if I don't bring it with me?

Hi there! I'm a friend of Jacky's and I'll be dropping by the meeting aswell. I've volunteered to bring my 3 computers (and possibly a network if you guys want/need that) so computers shouldn't really be a problem =)

I need to confess something though - I've never really played alot of Stunts. So I'll be the total newbie you can all rip to shreds =P