Herr Otto Partz says you're all nothing but pipsqueaks!

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Started by zaqrack, October 21, 2002, 12:07:20 AM

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Congratulations Akoss Poo!!!
To the rest of you: Remember that he won fair and square. The only thing that happened was that Crazy Driver, who was obviously a fake driver, was removed. The best track (maybe apart from Bordeaux :D) won, and I'm happy that it did!
But we can't be quite sure.


Akoss wins...  :evil:   BUT MY FAVOURITE TRACK IS EL NINO!!!  :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted:


Anyway congratulation to Akoss Poo!  :)


Okay Akoss, i didn't want u to cry, but i just disaggree with the way u felt when entering the TDC.
U finally realised that Pro and Amateur's tracks will be the same, so it's OK. Please, design B tracks next year. All of them if u want : u won, so u can choose.

But please don't use indycar every month.

U won, and u owe it. I gave u a 5, remember ?
Alps is a good track. Even if my favorite was Dover Island.
If all 2k3 B-tracks are as good as alps, all drivers will join, that's for sure.

Btw, i'm happy because i gave 5 points to 3 tracks only, and they are the top 3 tracks. I should bet for the next horse race maybe... :wink: