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Date of meeting

Started by JTK, August 31, 2004, 04:13:08 PM

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When do you wish the World Stunts Meeting 2005 to happen?

01.-03. July
0 (0%)
15.-16. July
3 (23.1%)
22.-24. July
0 (0%)
29.-31. July
4 (30.8%)
05.-07. August
0 (0%)
12.-14. August
4 (30.8%)
19.-21. August
2 (15.4%)
26.-28. August
0 (0%)
02.-04. September
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Voting closed: August 31, 2004, 04:13:08 PM


We should already now think of the date of the meeting. Me personally I would not like to meet on the first weekend in August that much, but anyway...

KHR, do you know when statistically there is most sunshine and less rain in Hameln?


I cannot definetly say when I get my vacation yet - there is no time to think about that at my work.

8-10.Juli is not possible - please edit JTK!

I guess late August or maybe end Juli could be good.

So long, KHR

Btw: There?s always sunshine when Rainman Jacky comes....

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Edited. And I forgot - when Jacky comes rain has no chance (as we already came to know on the Donau/Danube :lol: ).


Unfortunately I don't know about my plans next summer, yet. So I can't vote :roll:
"Why can't we not be sober?"


Same for me - I'll have my diploma by then and could as well guess the correct numbers for lotto ;)

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Late August is very doubtful for me, exam period will last 22 August - 2 September, and I will have to learn before.  :?

And I haven't mentioned that 20 August is national holiday in Hungary, so 19-21 August would be probably the worst (especially because of my exam(s)).

From mid July till mid August it would be the best. I voted for 15-17 July, but we'll see what will happen until that time.
Chürműű! :-)

917.47 km


To me the best is mid-end of July. If only I would/could go...


As my holidays will probably be from mid july to early august, like this year, best of me is mid august (12-14).
15th of August is a day off in France, so I could even stay one day more. :D


Dunno yet, it depends on my university's summer practice...  :?

And a bit more pessimistic view: there's too much chance for a low-cash situation next year.  :(

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Oooooh, I will also have summer practice with the university, and dunno when(and where). My arrival in second stunts meeting also is depending on that.
Chürműű! :-)

917.47 km


Quote from: "GTC"there's too much chance for a low-cash situation next year.  :(

May I suggest all Hungarians & the "flying Slovac" (Usrin) to come together in one car in order to reduce travel cost per person... :roll:

I suggested it to Alain for 2004 meeting but we are much too far from each other (France is big) and it wasn't possible. :(


I have two possibilities in sight now:

exams iuntil mid june and work practice in whole august


work practice whole june and july and august free.

I'll know more in some weeks, and then I'l l know when I'm available.
If I work in august that means I'm available on weekends of course - but I'd be much better to travel for 4-5 days, to hang around the area a bit.

we'll see.


OK, I'm on school exercise from 2005 Aug 1 - 2006 Jan 31, some days off, but definitely none in the first month.

That means the last weekend of July (29-31) would be the best for me, if its in August I can only go for a very short time, or cant even go. :(


All dates are fine for me, so forget my vote for 12-14 August. Actually I think 29-31 July is my favourite.
But we can't be quite sure.


I usually have exams around 31 Juli,that's a very bad time for me :/