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RH Season 2006

Started by Mark L. Rivers, October 31, 2006, 12:11:29 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

CTG reduces again his gap: only 9 points from Gutix!
Only 9 points divide Gutix and CTG: this is the shocking response of penultimate race of the year! The hungarian champion (which has lowered again his time in last minutes with two very fast last sections) catches the victory and 5 bonus points leading the last 4 days of race, meanwhile the leader in general classification gets only a 4th place, thanks a result arrived in the last hours! So CTG (only 4th at 1st checkpoint) has passed from -24 to -9 (from -36 to -9 in last two races), overtaking Chulk (3rd)! Gutix (fastest 4th section) is defending his leadership with the fingernails, but  now last race will be really thrilling, with 3 drivers which can get the title: additional points will be decisive like never before! For the 4th place in the championship, AbuRaf70 (6th) reduces his gap from Krys TOFF (7th) but behind their shoulders Mark L. Rivers (2nd with two very fast first sections, but an awful 3rd section) is arriving swiftly, so great challenge in the last race! The arrival order is completed with Superbrian (5th), author of a very fast 3rd section (2nd behind CTG). And now, we are all ready for a big final show in the last race of the season!

Mark L. Rivers

Swan-song by a great CTG: Gutix has won first SDR RH title!!!

Gutix is the winner of the first SDR RH title!!! It has not been enough for a great CTG to win the last race with an awesome performance in the last hours. Getting the 2nd place, Gutix has defended his leadership (6 points the final gap) conquering the final victory: really congratulations!!! It has been a great challenge which has seen involved for all the 2nd part of the season three great pipsqueaks: Gutix, CTG and Chulk. But Gutix, leading the championship since 4th race, deserves the victory, even if CTG (5 races won!) and Chulk (8 podiums!) have been worthy opponents! A 6th place in last race permits to Krys TOFF to conquer the final 4th place. AbuRaf70 and Mark L. Rivers (respectively 7th and 4th in last race) have not succeeded to overtake him. Sure the french driver (2 podiums for him!) deserves his final position not to having more time to race in this final of season, cause... well, you know why! Anyway, the inoxidable argentinian (the only with others teammates to have taked part to all races!) has gained a final 5th place really great! About Mark L. Rivers (4th with an improve, good 6th final place for him, with some very good performances (three 2nd places). Probably we'll see again him in next SDR season... Going on, 7th  Renato Biker (leader after three races but then disappeared), 8th SuperBrian (5 races for him and good possibilities to improve if he will leave autogear) and then a group of pipsqueaks with only one or two races competed: Alain, Dark Chaser (podium in his unique race!), Bonzai Joe, CTG (skimming 3rd place in his unique race!) and Vamologocomisso (pleasing surprise in last race with a very fast time).
And now a short pause before another involving RH season. SDR will come back next february, just after ISM 2007. New engaging tracks for fast Stunts cars (but there could be some surprise with other cars...) will permit to all Stunts drivers to express all their wide experience and mastery in new exciting races, where shortcuts and tricks will be mixed with speed and adrenaline! See you!!


Yeah, I finished 4th. ;D

One thing you should change for next season : point system. With actual point system + bonus points, there is sometimes huge difference between 1st and 2nd pipsqueak.


I lost the championship because of leaving out a single race. Funny. I just checked the overall scores and recognized that making 9:59.95 replay on that missed track would mean 6 more points, exactly the difference between Gutix and me at the end. And I know I would be better than last on that track... But it's no use crying over the spilt milk. I can only congratulate to Gutix, winner of SDR 2006!


n?o me sinto inspirado para escrever nada de impacto, para que todos digam: "Puxa! Que demais!  :)

Mark L. Rivers

A short interview with Gutix, first SDR RH champion, is available at SDR site in News page!  :)



Nice, but too short one. Gutix is not very talkative.

Next one : interview with Chulk, winner of noRH comp ?