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RH - R6/2007 - "DRIVE"

Started by Mark L. Rivers, June 27, 2007, 07:06:32 PM

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Mark L. Rivers


I also improved on Drive. What about Advance? Are you having some trouble? I know I am...
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

Mark L. Rivers

2nd checkpoint!

AbuRaf70, Chulk and me again on the track and I keep strongly the lead lowering almost 5" my previous time (-4,55%) getting other 2 bonus points!   :)  But the couple of argentinians improves consistently: Chulk reaches a very fast time (1'50"95) and AbuRaf70, solved his PC problems, lower a lot his previous limit going down under 2' and closing to the vertex. And now we are going for 3rd and last checkpoint. I'm sure determined to catch more points I can so to increase (or at least to mantain) my vantage in the season. Will other drivers permit it? Indy specialists and other top drivers still have 2 weeks to take confidence with the track... but are 2 weeks enough to make a winning lap? Maybe not...  ::)  but just a week and we will have a first response. Btw, while CP3 is confirmed for Sunday (22th July) at 14:00, update will be lightly delayed (24-48 hours), and results are expected for Thursday 24th July... A bit of suspense before the final rush!  ;)

PS - 2nd part of my declared time for CP2

Mark L. Rivers


Third win in a row for me. In the race that has seen the lowest number of drivers in SDR RH contest (only four) I succeed to drive very fast my Indy through this difficult and selective track, preceding Krys TOFF (2nd), Chulk (3rd) and AbuRaf70 (4th). Only 4 drivers, it's true, but the race has been real, as you can see from the analisys. I drove my Indy like a rocket in 1st and 2nd section arriving at 2nd intermediate with a large vantage: +7"55 on Krys, +7"80 on Chulk and + 9"50 on AbuRaf70. How can it be?  :o  Checking the replays you can see the different choices of race in 1st and 2nd sections. Third section is quite similar for all (except for Krys who lost 1") with a great time for AbuRaf70, 1st time for him ex aequo with me!  :)   But in last section the things are not the same: Krys makes a fantastic choice of race rescuing almost 4" on me, re-overtaking Chulk and arriving 2nd!  8)   Really a true race, simply a pity only 4 drivers decided to race it. Closed games for the title? Difficult to say.  ::)  Meanwhile we have a great race ahead us! The 1st August will begin a new Stunts story: SPEEDGATE XSD, the new Stunts car, enters in Stunts racing world! Enjoy with it!  :)