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Started by zaqrack, October 19, 2002, 11:42:49 PM

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Here you can write your comments and votes on Stroke.

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(10/19/02 5:25:13 pm)
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Re: Stroke

Stroke review

When driven with the indy, it`s quite an easy track, not so many tricks, and well, it's a little bit boring. It's short, but seems long.
Indy Score: 2

Driven with the Lamborghini Countach, everything changes. The first jump is hard to take, and the rest of the track is challenging as well, but not too hard. So you must concentrate, but you won't kick the computer after 3 mins. Length is below 2 mins, so this is how a track for slower cars should look like:
Lamborghini Score: 5

The scenery overview is nice with the rivar and the hills, altough the scenery objects look a bit too organized, and rarely placed. While driving it gets better, still rare, spacy, but not boring.
Scenery Score: 3

As I said before, lenght is about perferct with both cars (5), but looks like nobody cared about shortcuts, and so lots of the challenge can fade into the darkness, especially when using power gear. Should be re-thought. (1)
Competition Score: 3

Alltogether 20, divided by 6 you'll get the result:

My ranking for Stroke is Average. 3


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(10/19/02 6:52:31 pm)
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Re: Stroke

I love the minimalist idea. Straights and curves thats stunts. I like it. I would drive often on it. Less well designed than beijing of course. but for me its a 4.

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(10/19/02 7:43:35 pm)
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beginners stroke

Hmm, maybe isn't very interesting to race with indy. So, I raced a lot with IMSA cars, and I have fun. It seems what track is designed for comp. newbies or Stunts beginners

Advantages: speed, fun, good lenght and layout;
Disadvantages: lack of scenery.

Not needed or what to change:
- ???

There's my vote:
Fun and Interest - 2.5 from 3
Length and Layout - 2.5 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 1.5 from 3

So, my overal vote for Stroke is 4

Akoss Poo

Easy but average track with average scenery and nothing interesting. I would give 3.


Well, there's nothing interesting on it, but I enjoyed driving on an easy track. Mark: 3


Phew, it seems Stroke was designed only just a few minutes long...  :lol: Let's give a one!  :wink:


Decent track
Awful terrain
Awful competition compatibility
Decent length
But we can't be quite sure.


This was the first track I raced in this track competition. Nice, easy, a little boring, repetitive... oh pow gear...
3 points!!


Nothing bad, but nothing really interesting too.
No interest with indy, more dedicated to P962 or XRJ9.
1st jump limits its use with slower cars.
Too simple for Zak's comp, very good for live no-RH comp i think.
Overall : average track... 3 points.


Like a simple track... My mark is 2!


-to easy



Easy, average design, quite bad to drive. 2 points


Oh, what's that??? It's not a big challenge... I guess there would be 0,1 seconds between us if it was a contest track. Not the best driver, but the luckiest driver would win...  :x

My vote: 2
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