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ZCT 94 - Cottage Cheese

Started by zaqrack, March 31, 2009, 09:12:31 PM

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I knew that Acura will be the winner one, just had no motivation to change.


Quote from: BonzaiJoe on April 25, 2009, 07:10:03 PM
The month is closing in, and the race is open once again - scattered replays dropping in, top remaining still, ready for the final struggle.

If Ayrton returns, he can still win the season. If it's his plan to race every other race, we can expect a replay soon.

And what is to become of the re-appearance of Dottore? Is he going to prove that he is not CTG's ghost? I have a feeling it was a one-off replay. Some people have the Stunts enthusiasm and others don't. Sometimes it goes into hibernation for a while and then comes back, sometimes it is gone for good. pipsqueaks have risen, stood in the arch of their sunlight on the top of the scoreboard, and then fallen away forever, sometimes making sporadic reappearances because of nostalgia, habit forgetting the absence of the spirit.

How long can the breakthrough of Friker and Overdrijf into the true Stunts elite be delayed? When will they lose their inhibitions and play to win? The knowledge that victory is at hand makes the intense extra work on the racetrack possible. When will they know they can win if they want to? It's about finishing the track faster than the others. If you are slower, you are not faster. If you are faster, you have won. You are a winner. In this small room in the tangled world you are the celebrity you will never be under the open sky.

Are we living a parenthesis in history, impatiently waiting to be forgotten, or is every month a verse in an epic that will live again and again and again with pride as age fails to truly dim the light? 

ZCT94 is one of the first one hundred Zakstunts tracks. The year 94 A.D. was one of the first 100 years of our current time scale. Where are we in history? Pavekiller and the rest of us, archeologists always uncovering the future at the same speed, always predicting what we will find further on. Trying to find out where we stand and forgetting that we have already moved...

Who will win this race? Time will tell. - Time will tell us many a thing, but if we stand and listen to time, time will kill us. There is no way to walk but in darkness.

I need this kind of comment again!


It's not unlikely. I'm in a wide-sky existential phase.
But we can't be quite sure.


So I expect another this night at the end of the race :D


Hmm this things cannot be by request so I'll wait for the inspiration.


Maybe the inspiration will come to you.
But we can't be quite sure.