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ZCT100 - Operators

Started by zaqrack, October 01, 2009, 09:13:39 AM

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The track I probably spent the most time designing and testing.
Your comments are welcome!

Mark L. Rivers

It's wonderful. I don't know yet how it's balanced relatively to the cars' choice (test only with Indy) but it seems very suitable for this great event. Even Indy won't be the winning car (I'm absolutely sure about it seeing how much Audi's Superbrian with autogear is near to my Indy already strongly pushed) it will be sure an awesome challenge.


Driven only a little bit, also with Indy only so far, but enough to tell it's a great one. And it looks like it'll provide a nice ride with other cars as well.



This seems to be a track for off-roaders. Lots of small shortcuts to be done in non-PG cars (or Power Gear cuts in PG cars?). I think this is good for Duplode, and also for CTG. Mark L. is always strong, but he is strongest in PG and fast cars.

Let's have a look at the list:

Duplode: strong, suitable track, motivated. Favourite to win

Mark L. Rivers: strong, motivated, not fed up with racing, playing without pressure, track/car less suitable. Also a serious bid for victory

Renato Biker: powerful comeback on ZCT99, will want to get revenge vs Duplode. Strong in all cars... It all depends on his motivation.

Bonzai Joe: will try to win, likes the track, historically doesn't do so well in really tough races with many top pipsqueaks

CTG: is very motivation-dependent and also has problems with technical facilities. If he wants to and has time, he can beat anyone. If not, he will finish far from the top

Alan Rotoi: has yet to show that he can be as fast as in the past. But he has done crazy comebacks before, and we know he has the abilities to win

Paradisio: solid performances in the last races. Will probably finish in the top, but not a favourite for track victory

then there is... the Ayrton factor.

But we can't be quite sure.

Mark L. Rivers

Well, you're right about me BJ, sure it's not my favourite track/car combo. A thing that I dislike in races is trying and trying and trying a lot of times in order to find the right bug-jumps that can permit to guess winning paths. I like instead so much quite linear races, with defined shortcuts, where the guide precision is more important. Or races where bug-jumps (that sure need extreme skill but even a dose of luck, above all regard to the available time to race) cannot affect in determinant way the final result. Sure PG races are less affected by bug-jumps, because the speed is usually not increased or decreased remaining more or less the same.
Anyway, my target remains the same I mentioned in the other topic about Z100, that is being in the final TOP 5. Hard job but an exciting job.  ;)


Just downloaded the track, going for a warmup lap...
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


Couple of days ago I thought my Audi limit will be time around 1:14. But now it's possible to do under 1:13. Adding all my best checkpoints I miss only half second to achieve it.
Now I'm thinking, should I try Skyline hardly or re-drive Audi race ???

Mark L. Rivers

Interesting question for all drivers, I think...
About me, I realized my best time with the Audi (1.16,xx) only "perfectioning" last 30 seconds of the first replay. Then I switched to the Skyline and until now I have perfectioned last 40 seconds of race of the first replay.
Due to this, I should say that Skyline have some chances more then Audi, but I'm still not sure...  ::) Anyway, I think that other drivers are waiting that the track becomes more and more "tyred", that is they are looking for the current "fight" on the scoreboard in order to understand better which is the right choice...  ;)


I have a lot to check as well... since I just have a not so interesting Skyline lap so far I guess that when I try again (which likely won't be as soon as I'd like) I will give Audi a spin.


I gave 2 quick laps with each car, being Audi's lap sent the fastest but feeling Skyline has more potential... Next time I'll give Skyline some more attention... Hope I have time sometime this week.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


lets see the current list of ZakStunts race winners. In bold are the pipsqueaks currently participating / confirmed to participate on ZCT100.

Ayrton     22     6     3
Bonzai Joe    12    15    12
Roy Wiegerinck    11    2    0
CTG    10    13    14
Gutix    9    4    3
Alain    8    9    9
Argammon    7    6    3
Duplode    5    7    5
Alan Rotoi    5    7    4
Renato Biker    5    3    3
Mingva    2    1    5
Fdzierva    2    0    0
Akoss Poo    1    9    12
Mark L. Rivers    1    4    7
Chulk    1    4    2
Bismarck    1    1    1
Usrin    1    0    0

11 from 17.
Now that's something I call impressive!
Thank you all, guys. I think 14/17 is feasible by activising some of those who lurk around here. :)

al il professore

Some pipsqueaks know how to push the arrow buttons.

ZCT16, ZCT92 and ZCT39.

Do you think you are going to live forever? Take your lives up to the next level, the stunts valhalla.
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


Quote from: al il professore on October 15, 2009, 03:22:52 PM
Some pipsqueaks know how to push the arrow buttons.

ZCT16, ZCT92 and ZCT39.

Do you think you are going to live forever? Take your lives up to the next level, the stunts valhalla.


Not chance for fast cars  :-[

Mark L. Rivers

So, having more knowledge about the track, the car(s) to use and the participants, I try to shoot a podium:

1) Ayrton (unreachable when he wants as he showed last year...)
2) Duplode (his wonderful skill matches his own creature called Skyline...)
3) Renato Biker/Bonzai Joe/Alain (random rank, in order of their real motivation...)

Does anyone else feel to hazard a prediction...?  ;)