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ZCT103 - Windowbreaker

Started by zaqrack, December 23, 2009, 10:03:48 PM

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The first track of the 10th season. Longer and faster than the average ZS track. Tuned for multiple cars to provide lots of possibilities and activity.


Seems like an Average Joe track. Or Meganium. Or Cork. ;D


Excellent and criminally under-raced track - there's still a day left, though, so c'mon folks! I just hope Audi does not get swallowed by PG cars in the end, however slight such a possibility might look like.



Thank you very much, I also spend quite some time on this great track, so I'm happy for my first Zakstunts-podium in the end.
My congratulations goes to Duplode and his excellent and fast replay!  :)
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