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WRC Stunts

Started by Krys TOFF, May 13, 2003, 01:25:52 PM

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I prepare a new competition called WRC Stunts.
It will be there :
Expect a beginning in september, after the summer holydays.

How it will work :
1 rally = 4 tracks = 4 weeks.
1 same car for the entire rally.
Sum of times made on each track = final classification of the rally.

2 members per team, like real WRC.
Team points = sum of the points of each driver of the team.
Points system : 1st = 24 points, 2nd = 22, ... , 11th = 4, 12th = 2 points.
13th and after = no point.

RH, shortcuts and all tricks allowed, but penalty times will count (Zak's rules).
1 rally each 2 or 3 months, alternated with IMSA Cups.


Sounds really good! I'm looking forward to it. Hope you can gather a lot of drivers.


Quote1 rally = 4 tracks = 4 weeks.
So, 1 rally will have 4 stages. I like it. And what will be with drivers who won't race in one of the stages?

QuotePoints system : 1st = 24 points, 2nd = 22, ... , 11th = 4, 12th = 2 points.
Why not classical 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 point system?


Wow! I'm agree with Guest!! It's a very good idea.

I'm already signed up krys :lol: !


wow, cool, hope Cork will make a contract with Citroen, I want to race with the new C2 :)


QuoteCork will make a contract with Citroen
No cheat cars for Cork's flunkeys :P You'll race with Audi or Lancia only.


Thanks for support, but be patient.
It will start in september only i think : not in june because many drivers have exams, not july or august because everybody has holidays, including me. :wink:

QuoteSo, 1 rally will have 4 stages. I like it. And what will be with drivers who won't race in one of the stages?
You don't race one (or more) part of the rally ?
You get the worst time made on the track missed + 1 second.

1st rally will be easy : paved road, Italy I think.
2nd : dirt (Kenya ?)
3rd : expect ice (Monte-Carlo ?)
Wait and see. For now i'm testing the new site presentation.
Not any track made yet, i concentrate on IMSA Cup management for now.

Points system ? Well, i like when someone arrived 12th can earn some point, it motivates him to race again. :wink:
Always racing and not earn point makes you feel sad.


1st rally tracks made (Italy).
Site updated with rules page, FAQs page, tracks page (but no links to tracks for now :P ) and News page.
Soon, Links page will be available (same as IMSA Cup links page).

Zak : the News page of WRC Stunts is for you, Citro?n lover ! :wink:  :lol:  8)


Quote from: "Krys TOFF"1 same car for the entire rally.

hmm... If i choose Lancia and the others the audi I won't have much opportunities to win.

How will you manage it krys? Who use the slower car will know he won't win.


Sorry Alan, I changed that rule.
Now it's one car (imposed) for one week/step/track.
4 steps per rally ==> 4 tracks, 4 cars.
See for more infos :wink:

I confirm the 1st rally will start in September.
2nd one probably in December.


when it will start?


As written on my signature, and as I said somewhere else in this forum, the official beggining is sunday, 31st August, 00H00 GMT+1.
Be there !

Tracks are ready, I work on a competely different site design right now.


New site is online.
Plesae read the rules and F.A.Q.s and give me any comment about it.
Also, please report any dead link/bug or things like that.
The site looks correct from my computer, but I need you as beta-testers.
Thanks. :wink:


wow a nice Citroen ZX Rallye Raid, I love the site :)

however the text is partly on the red line bewtween menu and main area.


Well, thanks for visiting the site. :D
I was sure to make you happy with this picture. :wink:

About the problem, it seems that the text is deviated to the left for you and cross the vertical red line, is it correct ?
Maybe it's a problem of browser. Text is good from my computer with Internet Explorer 5.5...
I'll deplace the text a little bit to the right. :wink:

Anyone else has a problem with the site ?