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Ferrari Pinin (try tutorial inside)

Started by Ryoma, February 27, 2021, 05:48:01 PM

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Actually, I try to make the Pinin. It is less easy because I don't have a good blueprint.
For help, I will try to explain how I proceed and expect help some people (@GTAman18 for example ;) ).

First of all, you need a project and the motivation.

Resize the blueprint of the car in order to have about 2000 pixels length. (CTRL W with paint)

On the side view, record in an excel spreadsheet the coordinates with paint: first value = z, second value = y. Record the number of the point.

On the front view, slice the car in the middle, 0 is the middle (x coordinates) and record it in accordance with the side view. Note that the value shall be negative in my example.

At the end, you will have something like the attached pictures.


In the Excel, the first columns contains "v" the 2nd X value, 3rd Y value and 4th for Z value.

On the side view, record the coordinates of the ground (Yg second value in paint) and the centre of the car (about 1000) (Zc).

With formula excel change the 3rd columns by "Yg-Yrecorded" and the 4th by "Zc-Z recorded". Don't touch the 2nd columns.

Finally, you will have a liste of vertices with the format (respect Space and .0):
"v Xrecorded.0 Yg-Yrecorded.0 Zc-Zrecorded.0"

In our example, I measure the first point (-360;838;77) the ground is 952, the center 1075 so the first point becomes "v -360.0 114.0 998.0" and so on for all the points.


To make the polygon, the command is "f" and the list of vertex separated by a Space. The list of points have to turn in the anticlockwise.

Again in our example, the first polygone becomes "f 4 1 2 3" and not "f 4 3 2 1". You can put allthe point you want (limit is 10) but I recommand to make only square or triangle. More is stranged and sometimes it's bug.


Finally, put all the value in notepad like this :
"mttlib stunts.mtl"
List of the vertex
"usemtl Stunts038"
List of the polygone

And save in .obj format

In our example for the first polygone :
"mttlib stunts.mtl
v -360.0 114.0 998.0
v -360.0 96.0 840.0
v -363.0 144.0 840.0
v -363.0 142.0 980.0
usemtl Stunts038
f 1 2 3 4"


Thanks for the tutorial, it's very helpful. So, you do this every day?
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Not every day, I have a job beside lol.

For the Testarossa, it took me 40 hours. About two weeks. For the Nascar, it was more easy because it's come from the Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge. The same for the others cars which are only mod from existing.


But it would be more easy to capture it on video
Do I need more softwares than Excel, Paint, CarWorks, and Stressed?
Blender for example?
And will this work if I want a bike?
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I can not do video...sorry.

Yes you need GIMP for the dashboard because paint have strange management of the bitmap.

I don't think it was possible to make a bike or a Can-Am with 2 front wheels.


Would it be possible to make a front wheel invisible?
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Quote from: Daniel3D on February 27, 2021, 10:06:43 PM
Would it be possible to make a front wheel invisible?
With a null size maybe.

Tuto Following :

After import the car into stress, firstly I close the car with the roof, the bottom of the frame, the rear glasse...everything that is symetrical. And I move them at the end of list of polygone.

After, I finish the car with the front and the back. And the same for the polygone : at the end.

And now, be concentrate : I go to the last polygone which need to be mirror and I did a Mirrox X from the end to the begin. It's the only solution I found in order to not miss something.

For the wheels, I measure on the side view diamètre and the position of the center of each wheel. I use my Excel file and copy the value. Material is 38.

Finally, I select all and compute cull data. I spent 6H and the car is not finish.


Hejj bicska, bicska, bicska csantavéri kisbicska!


To finalize, we duplicate on the left menu car0 in car1 and car2. And make 4 items as shape : exp0 to exp3. For each one, don't forget to adapt the color. It's the first car, I remark this. The save the project and made another save in case of.


Now we continue with carworks.
Launch the software and load and save the 3sh files. It will reduce car1 and car2...and it's finish, shape is done.

Don't forget to save the final name as is :
STXXXX.3SH where XXXX the 4 characters which ils the name of the car.


Now we play with the RES file. I copy paste the Testarossa file in carxxxx.res.

I went to and read all the value of torque for each RPM.


 I put its on my excel file and recopy the values as shown in the pictures in Hexa editor.