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Bridging ReplDump + R5E for cool multiplayer replays of (live) races

Started by Cas, March 15, 2023, 07:15:24 AM

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Yes, the only way to be 100% sure that all Painter's Algorithms will do the same is to only use triangles, but this is highly inefficient and most of the time, it's not necessary to get to this extreme. In general, you can use higher polygons as long as they are convex and I would add, the "rounder" they are, that is, the more regular, the more likely everything will be OK. If the "centre of mass" of your polygon is far from its "centre of volume" (that is, the centre of the envelop polygon with the smallest number of sides that can contain the polygon in question), then it's better to split it.

In any case, you can always test your model against Stunts and against my engine and see how it behaves.
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Small update... The rotation problem has been fixed. I asked Duplode for some guidance and while he was helping me analyse the data, I found the correct combination by brute force. Now that I look at it, I should've known. It looks a lot neater now.

Now I'm working on getting many cars together racing in parallel
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And.... success!  Look at the picture from a moment in Purple Sunset Enduro  8)

Now I'm going to make it easier to handle, so that we can rewind and all that easily. No wheels, I know... but there are priorities.... Like being able to follow a car or place cameras
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It's great that you're working on this again!  I remember when you first got it working, I said that at the very least, it would make an excellent 3D track viewer.  Looks like you've realised the next logical step.  I'm looking forward to seeing it in action!